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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 1-2 First Impression

Ninja's Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim's First Impression
Korean Drama: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (낭만닥터 김사부)
Network: SBS
Total Episodes: 20
Airs: Monday & Tuesdays
Leads: Yoon Yeon Seok & Seo Hyun Jin 

Charging into the hospital while wielding a baseball bat, our young hero, Kang Dong Joo can think of nothing but vent his overwhelming grief over his father's death. Convinced that his father would not have died if it wasn't for the doctor who had unfairly chosen to treat a hospital VIP first, Dong Joo screams as he destroys everything in his path. Seemingly appearing out of no where, a mysterious doctor (we were never shown his face) easily immobilizes Dong Joo and tells him that the only way to seek revenge is to become someone more powerful than his enemy. 

Taking the mysterious doctor's advice to heart, our young hero grows up to be a doctor. Blazing through medical school with impressive high scores, Dong Joo only has one last pesky thing to finish before he can officially become a doctor...survive his hospital internship. 
Time to take a moment to introduce our heroine: Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin)
A fourth year resident, Seo Jung hides a traumatic childhood underneath her bright personality. Well known in her department as the "Crazy Whale", Seo Jung cares deeply for her patient's lives which sometimes makes her toss aside hospital rules and that of course then gets her in trouble.  
Thanks to his know it all attitude coupled with his refusal to bow down to authority, Dong Joo ends his very first day of internship by having an ugly confrontation with our heroine. Ready to teach the fearless intern a lesson, Seo Jung pulls rank and makes sure that Dong Joo's workday is filled with the most difficult patients. 

At first completely frustrated with Seo Jung because of her "little revenge", Dong Joo's opinion of our heroine soon undergoes a change once he realizes that Seo Jung is actually a really warm and caring person by nature. Equally impressed with Dong Joo after seeing how well he held up under her "torture", Seo Jung begins to take her role as Dong Joo's mentor seriously...
that is until Dong Joo suddenly kisses her out of blue one night. 

Stunned as Dong Joo confesses in a rather forceful manner that he has fallen for her, a very flustered Dong Joo declares that she is already dating someone seriously. 
Not deterred by Seo Jung's words, Dong Joo gives a little smile as he watches her all but runs away from him. What follows should've been a sweet happy romance as our hero confidently woos his lady love, but unfortunately tragedy struck that very night and Seo Jung disappears without a trace. 

Content to work in a hospital in the middle of nowhere as she tries to forget that tragic night when her boyfriend died five years ago, our guilt ridden heroine's hard won peace is shattered the moment she walks into her work and sees an equally stunned Dong Joo staring at her. 

First Impression:
The synopsis was more a less a short overview of episode one so you get the idea of how fast the plot moved. I didn't mention too much of "Teacher Kim", but he is actually the mysterious doctor that inspired the young Dong Joo and he will become the two leads' mentor at the "middle of no where" hospital. We don't know too much about Teacher Kim's (aka "God's Hand") character right now other than that he is a genius doctor with a very eccentric personality and an even more mysterious past.  
The first episode of Romantic Doctor absolutely blew me away mostly because how FAST the plot moved and... well, the AWESOME kisses. After watching the second episode though, I thought "Crap, this is going to be addicting and painful." Most medical romance dramas have plenty of trauma and pain but I think this is the first time I have seen a writer put this much baggage on the leads right from the start. I can already see myself glue to the screen for 18 more episodes of gut wrenching emotional pain...but I am so excited! 
One thing I love thus far that I especially hope the writer can keep it up is how well matched the two leads' character are. I am not talking about chemistry (which they have PLENTY of) or that they look good together (which they do) but the fact that both leads' characters are equally riveting in terms of story. In most medical dramas, it seems like the hero usually outshines the heroine even in shows where it is suppose to be heroine heavy. However, Romantic Doctor has managed to make Seo Hyun Jin's heroine so complicated awesome that she is able to hold her own just fine right next to our hormone powerhouse hero. 

It has been a while since I followed a medical drama faithfully but this one looks really promising! 

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