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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

V-Focus Episode 1-3 First Impression

Ninja's V-Focus Episode 1-3 First Impression
Taiwanese Drama: V-Focus (獨家保鑣)
Total Episodes: 40
Airs: Monday - Friday
Station: SET

Episode 1-3 Quick Overview:
A reporter working for the news outlet V-focus, our heroine, Ding Ruo Ying is famous for her dogged pursuit of news scoops. Living up to her nickname of "Queen of Disguise", Ruo Ying refuses to let anything stands in her way of uncovering a scandal...that is until she meets her old nemesis, Jiang Zhi Heng.  
The owner of a safety consultant company named Krisis, our hero Jiang Zhi Heng uses his skills as a former mercenary to protect his clients. Thanks to his job that often involves guarding the rich and famous, Zhi Heng finds himself constantly amused by Ruo Ying's various failing attempts to get past his web of protection.
Disliking Zhi Heng intensely especially since he has been the biggest obstacle to her obtaining news scoops, Ruo Ying is understandably dismayed when she finds herself trapped on a deserted island with her nemesis due to a boating accident.
With no choice but to rely on Zhi Heng's skills to survive on the island, Ruo Ying's opinion of Zhi Heng improves dramatically after spending time with our hero.
Proving that she is indeed the queen of news scoops, Ruo Ying discovers evidence of illegal dumping on the island but of course that also draws danger to them as well.

Narrowly managing to pull Ruo Ying to safety when the bullets started to fly, Zhi Heng becomes even more concerned once he realizes that Ruo Ying's body is burning with fever. Left alone in a cave after Zhi Heng leaves to confront the lone gunman, Ruo Ying starts to wonder if she is going to die soon.

Smiling weakly with relief when she opens her eyes to see that Zhi Heng has returned safely, Ruo Yingi informs our hero that she doesn't have long to live and begins to list off the things she wants him to tell her friends.
Unable to convince Ruo Ying that she is not going to die, a somewhat amused Zhi Heng lens in as Ruo Ying pleas "I have one last favor to ask you. You can't refuse because it's my last request." Wrapping her arms around a surprised Zhi Heng, Ruo Ying plants a kiss on him...just as our hero's employees show up to rescue them.
As you can guess from the show's promo poster, V-Focus will have two romance lines going at the same time. The second romance will be between Ruo Ying's best friend, Zhou Xin Yi and the hero's best friend, Ke Guo Long. A reporter at V-Focus as well, the 35 year old Xin Yi is completely dumbfounded when her fiancee breaks up with her on their wedding day even as she is sitting in her wedding gown while all the guests are waiting.

Panicked Xin Yi races outside to search for her boyfriend and literally runs right into Ke Guo Long who had shown up to be the groom's best man. A nerd who is responsible for all the research and development for Krisis (hero's company), Guo Long is someone who seems more comfortable with machines than people. Stunned when Xin Yi asks him to step in as her groom, Guo Long's heart melt at the sight of her tears and agrees to her request.

Ninja's First Impression:

Episode one was a bit rocky but after that I was pleasantly surprised by what an easy watch I found V-Focus to be. For those who are familiar with T-dramas, V-Focus should have plenty of familiar faces even if they are not exactly your most popular actors and actresses. Thus far, I am liking both couple's set up.
At first glance, our main characters seem fairly one dimensional but there are already hints that they both harbor deep wounds despite their bright personalities, so I think the writer will be giving their characters' some much needed depth later on.
As for the second couple, I am actually much more intrigued by them than our main couple. Unbeknownst to Xin Yi, she is actually Guo Long's first love from back when he was a little boy. (Guo Long is 29 so Xin Yi is six years older than him.) Poor Guo Long did try to remind her who he is but unfortunately Xin Yi didn't connect the grown up Guo Long to the sad little boy she used to comfort.
One thing that seemed especially promising about V-Focus is that after the first two set up episodes the comic timing was improved dramatically and I found myself laughing out loud repeatedly. All in all, I thought this T-daily was off to a good start and am crossing my fingers that it will continue to be good.

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