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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We Fall In Love Episode 1-20 First Impression

 Ninja's We Fall In Love Episode 1-20 First Impression 
Chinese Drama: We Fall In Love (咱們相愛吧)
Total Episodes: 58
Airs: 2 episodes daily
Leads: Zhang Jingchu (heroine), Yuan Hong, Ming Dow

I am going do something a bit unconventional for this one and do a quick summary so that you could skip the first 8 episodes if you chooses since I personally thought it was a bit difficult to watch all the background stories without the male leads (Yuan Hong & Ming Dow) around. Yuan Hong's character does have about three scenes with the heroine but they were really short. As for Ming Dow, he doesn't even show up at all during the first 8 episodes. 
We Fall in Love follows the story of three girls' friendship and their romantic entanglements. The show does divide its time pretty evenly among the girls so while you do get the feeling that Zhang Jingchu and Yuan Hong's characters are the leads, the other two couples also get significant amount of screen time as well. 
First couple: Lin Xiao Xiao & Shi Quang
Graduating at the top of her class, Lin Xiao Xiao stepped out of collage with a bright future ahead of her as a promising architect. However, three years later all Xiao Xiao has to her resume is countless dead end part time jobs and a reputation in her field as someone who is hard to work with. Her home life in no better shape than her career, Xiao Xiao struggles to take care of her sick young son while her collage professor husband becomes increasingly dissatisfied with her inability to keep a job. 

Well known for her stubborn personality, Xiao Xiao is at constant odds with her husband, Jian Fang who has long since learned to bow down to the demands of life. Her womanly sixth sense blaring loudly when she notices her husband's close relationship with one of his graduate students, Xiao Xiao tries to warn Jian Fang but it just ended up making their relationship more tense. 
Like I said before, in the first eight episodes our two leads did not have many scenes together at all. Other than a very unpleasant first meeting at a coffee shop where Xiao Xiao worked, the only other thing of note is that the heroine's first misfortune in her career was indirectly caused by the hero. 

As a brilliant young architect who is quite confident in his own ability, Shi Guang wince with distaste when his boss bribed the competitors's janitor in order to rifle through their garbage. A bit of clean freak, Shi Guang had only intended to clean up the garbage all spread around the table until he sees the balled up blue print Xiao Xiao had drawn up that her boss had tossed away with disgust. Inspired by Xiao Xiao's ideas, Shi Guang changes his own plans completely and successfully wins the big contract for his company. Unfortunately, Shi Guang's win became a misfortune for Xiao Xiao since she had no way of explaining why Shi Guang's plan was similar to her own and was promptly fired from her work on the suspicion of being a spy. Three years later, Shi Guang is now a famous architect with a reputation for being an extremely difficult boss. Perhaps feeling partially responsible for Xiao Xiao's struggles in her career, Shi Guang hires her as his assistant. Not exactly jumping with joy to work with someone so difficult to please as Shi Guang, Xiao Xiao nonetheless is in no position to be picky and accepts Shi Guang's job offer gratefully. 
The two leads' romance builds fairly slowly since the heroine has to get a divorce first...which happens pretty quickly after episode 8. I actually enjoy the slow pacing on this couple since it really allowed some deep relationship development. The heroine's stubborn personality was kinda annoying at first but once she used that same stubbornness on the hero then it became hilarious. The relationship is your typical "I hate you" to "I can't live without you" sort of progression but I felt the writer has done a great job in making that transition very believable. 

Second Couple: Cai Chun Ni & Huang Shao Gu (Ming Dow)
Married to a very successful husband, everyone around Chun Ni, including her two best friends believe that she just sits around at home and pampers herself. However, instead of enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, Chun Ni is actually more like her picky mother-in-law's slave at home. Resorting to writing out her feelings of loneliness in a blog and drinking wine in secret, Chun Ni's already rocky emotional state finally reaches a breaking point when her first love suddenly reappears in her life. 
Forced by his family to break up with Chun Ni years ago, Shao Gu has always carried the guilt of breaking Chun Ni's heart. After a short and disasters marriage to someone his family chose for him, Shao Gu has lived like a monk while burying his love for Chun Ni deep within. Shaken to the core when he meets Chun Ni once again, Shao Gu tries to reassure himself that it is enough she is happily married...until he finds her crying. 
Third Couple: Pan Zhi Zhi & Da Mao
If there is any reason to watch the first eight episodes then it would be to follow this super cute couple. The owner of successful interior design company, the attractive Zhi Zhi seems to have everything desirable in life except in love. Harboring a secret guilt involving her friend Chun Ni's husband, Zhi Zhi goes through one dead end relationship after another. Drinking her sorrow away after yet another break up, Zhi Zhi turns to the one man, Dao Mao who is always there to piece her back together. 
Da Mao's character is probably one of my favorite in this show because his interaction with Zhi Zhi is simply hilarious. He kinda comes off effeminate but he worships the ground Zhi Zhi walks on and would do just about anything to get his girl. 

Like I mentioned in last week's Friday Drama Round Up, I usually don't have the patience to watch Chinese angst city romance drama but We Fall In Love has turned out to be quite good. It really helps that I am interest in all three couples' romance since that's pretty hard to come by in this kind of genre. 


  1. This drama seem eerily similar with Can we love? with Eugene. Is it somewhat of a remake of that drama.

    1. Now that you mention it, yes, it does sound a whole lot like Can We Love. In fact I think there are enough similar scenes that I think you are right in calling it a remake of Can We Love. However, there are some pretty drastic differences in the characters once you go beyond the general "Single one, married to the rich husband one, and divorced one" and because of that then there were some natural divergent in plot lines. I am afraid I don't remember much about Can We Love, so if you end up watching it do come back and let me know how the two compared.