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Friday, November 18, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 13-15 Recap

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Ninja's When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 13-15 Recap
Feeling thirsty, Ji Bai starts to pour himself a cup of coffee until Xu Xu pops up behind him and begins to list off all the reasons why drinking coffee right before going to bed is not good idea. A bit stunned even as Xu Xu takes the coffee from him and hands him a cup of milk, Ji Bai silently picks up his coffee again after his apprentice walks away but at least he did add a good amount of milk to it.

Unable to sleep, Xu Xu decides to go for a run to clear her head and happens on the strange sight of Ji Bai laying on the ground. Without opening his eyes, Ji Bai says "I have slept on freeways and grass fields while out on a case so just ignore me." Sitting down by Ji Bai, Xu Xu tells him "I couldn't sleep because my mind was over excited. Do you want to talk about cases or other stuff?" Still not opening his eyes, Ji Bai replies "If you can't sleep then go back and take a sleeping pill. I am sleepy. I don't want to talk." Accepting Ji Bai's answer, Xu Xu says "Alright." then stands up to take off for her run but not before she takes off her own jacket to put it over Ji Bai.
The next day, Ji Bai's team moves according to their plan and Yao Meng successfully goes undercover to meet the infamous Lu Ge, the big boss of human trafficking. After a fierce gun fight, Ji Bai's team was able to take over the compound and arrest the now unconscious Lu Ge who was easily knocked out by Yao Meng.

Watching the procession of girls that had been found locked up in the compound, Xu Xu's attention is caught when one particular scared woman started screaming hysterically. Putting a hand on the frightened woman, Xu Xu calms the woman down and sends her off with the rest of girls to be put on a bus heading for the hospital.

Walking around the now empty compound, Xu Xu enters into the room where the hysterical woman was found and belatedly discover evidences that send her running out of the room in a panic. Dismayed when he hears from a breathless Xu Xu that the hysterical woman was most likely Lu Ge, Ji Bai jumps into the car and race towards the hospital with Xu Xu.
Forced to put down her gun when Lu Ge holds a young nurse hostage with a knife, Yao Meng watch hopelessly as Lu Ge first kills the nurse right in front of her then shoots her partner Zhao Han with her own fun.

By the time our two leads arrive on the scene, Lu Ge has already got away leaving both Zhao Han and Yao Meng unconscious on the ground. (Yao Meng was stabbed with a knife by Lu Ge.)
Filled with guilt especially after hearing a few nurses lamenting how the police could've let a killer into the hospital that resulted in the death of a nurse that was only 22 years of age, Xu Xu doesn't have time to dwell on her own emotions but becomes immediately concerned when she sees a pale faced Ji Bai. A bit unsteady after donating an unwisely large amount of blood for Zhao Han, Ji Bai tells Xu Xu to not lecture him since he already got plenty from the nurse.
Sitting down next to Ji Bai, Xu Xu listens quietly as he recounts how Zhao Han and his mother had come to live in Ji Bai's house after Zhao Han's dad, Detective Zhao had disappeared during a police assignment. Having considered Detective Zhao like his own father, Ji Bai decides to enter the police training academy but was unwilling to let Zhao Han follow him in such a dangerous profession. Despite Ji Bai's attempt to change Zhao Han's mind, Ji Bai finally relents when Mama Zhao declares that if Ji Bai was going to be a policeman then she would rather her son be one as well so they could take care of each other. Understanding clearly of the guilt Ji Bai must be feeling, Xu Xu softly lays her hand on Ji Bai's.
Tightening his hand around Xu Xu's, Ji Bai keeps hold of our heroine's hand even as he lowers his head to his hands.

While we have had plenty of clues that Ji Bai is quickly getting used to our heroine habit of taking care of him, this is the first time he opens himself to her and actively seek her comfort. Melt... 
Completely embarrassment of letting Lu Ge escape at the cost of two civilian lives (Lu Ge killed another person while trying to make her escape out of the country into Myanmar) the higher ups in the police force soon call a meeting to figure out who is to blame. Dismayed when he realizes that Yao Meng and Xu Xu are about to become the scapegoat for the whole mess, Ji Bai stands up to defend his two apprentices. 

Thanks to Ji Bai and his immediate superior's fierce defense of the two girls, Yao Meng and Xu Xu ended up not getting reprimanded for the incident. (Ji Bai and his boss weren't so lucky though.) Already surprised to learn that the "higher ups" were so reasonable for once, Ji Bai is stunned when his boss Zhan Dui reveals that not only has he always known Ji Bai's attempts to find the real villain behind Detective Zhao's disappearance but he has actually been secretly providing our hero help along the way. All fired up when Zhan Dui hands him a mission to go deep into Myanmar to catch the big bad for good, Ji Bai's excitement turns to dismay once his boss orders him to take Xu Xu as well. Ji Bai tries to protest that the mission would be too dangerous for someone so physically unprepared as Xu Xu but finally relents once Zhan Dui tells him that Xu Xu's participation is an order from the higher ups. 

(Zhan Han's father disappeared while on a human trafficking case in Myanmar. Which is also the same case that killed Ye Zi's father as well. So in short, everything (including the cases involving Ye Zi's death and Lu Ge) goes back to a mysterious big villain that operates in Myanmar.)
So overwhelmed with guilt for trusting the previous reports and making the mistaken but very costly assumption that Lu Ge must be a man, Xu Xu hardly knows how to face Yao Meng when she finally wakes up. Breaking down in sobs in front of Yao Meng, Xu Xu admits "I know what I am suppose to do is to comfort you. I am a psychologist. Helping other people with their issues is my profession but right now, I really don't know what skills I have to comfort you. I know you are really sad and filled with guilt, but none of this was your fault. Everything was because of me. I did the profile on Lu Ge and I said he was a man. That mislead everyone. I was even face to face with her. I talked to her. I let her walk away from me just like that. I am sorry, Yao Meng. This was all my fault. I am sorry." 
Wheeling a recovering Yao Meng to Zhan Han's hospital room to pay him a visit, Xu Xu watches as Zhan Han tries to pretend nothing is amiss and attempts to cheer Yao Meng up with a joke he told her before. Flustered when Yao Meng's eyes start to fill with tears even as she laughs and say "I told you before that joke is not funny." Zhan Han turns his head away to hide his own overflowing emotion. 

Yao Meng was a pretty tragic character in the novel but since the script writer has changed her character so dramatically I am hoping she will get a happy ending here. 
Resigned to the fact that he has to take Xu Xu with him on the extremely dangerous Myanmar mission, Ji Bai designs a training schedule for Xu Xu and trains her personally. Suffering plenty physically but happy nonetheless, Xu Xu obediently follows everything Ji Bai tells her to do.  
Fully recovered from her physical injuries but not doing so well psychologically, Yao Meng breaks down in tears when it becomes obvious that her emotional trauma is so sever that she can't even fire a gun properly anymore. With tear of bitter regret streaming down her face, Yao Meng holds out a letter of resignation towards Ji Bai. Snatching the letter out of Yao Meng's shaking hands, Ji Bai tells her "I will keep this letter. I won't open it. I hope to one day to personally give it back to you." 
Watching Yao Meng runs off, Ji Bai turns to the now crying Xu Xu and says "The hardest thing about being a detective, is not outsmarting the criminals but is to not fall apart after the criminal escapes, the hostage killed and your comrade wounded. Xu Xu, for the rest of your life as a detective, you will face guns or knifes in front while leaving flowers (graves) behind you. You can't choose. The one thing you can do is to pick up the gun and try your best to stop them."
Grabbing the gun from Ji Bai's hand, our heroine aims it firmly towards the target and shoots with a fierce determination. Looking away from the target that shows clearly that Xu Xu has learned well under his tutelage, Ji Bai declares "Xu Xu, from now on you are officially a member of the Myanmar mission."  


  1. this is a great drama, thanks ninja for doing these weekly recaps, and the novel can be read until chapter 54 from tiffybook.com
    highly recommend reading and watching this drama both are excellent.
    Thanks ninja as always for your hard work and good taste in drama

  2. Do you mind tell what happened to Yao Meng in the novel? I like her in the series, and I understand she is different here.

    1. Yes, Yao Meng is VERY different in the novel. Yao Meng's character in the novel is also a criminal profiler and was jealous of the heroine's relationship with Ji Bai. So instead of a cool police detective, in the novel Yao Meng was more like your usual annoying female second lead. Desperate for love, Yao Meng ended up dating a psycho serial killer after she left the police force. Yao Meng did survive the psycho boyfriend but not before suffering through some really horrifying experiences.