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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 16-18 Recap

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 16-18 Recap
On the train to Myanmar, Ji Bai wonders over to Xu Xu's compartment to check on her and smiles when he sees Xu Xu drawing in her notebook. Looking up with a start when Ji Bai remarks "You are pretty good at drawing. I didn't realize little alien would have such good artistic talents.", Xu Xu quickly hides her notebook. 
Looking at Xu Xu with amusement, Ji Bai asks "I wouldn't have thought you like drawing."
Curious, Xu Xu asks in reply "So what do you think I like?"
Leaning against the bed, Ji Bai replies "I figure it would have to be something like programming or poker cards." 

Side note: Straight translation of Ji Bai's pet name for Xu Xu would be "monster" but I felt alien was more appropriate for the meaning. Either way, it's his pet name for her since he has more than once commented on how appropriate it suits her. 
Noticing Xu Xu shivering a bit, Ji Bai asks "Are you cold?" Always honest, Xu Xu admits that the weather feels a bit nippy. Taking off his jacket immediately, Ji Bai ignores Xu Xu's protest and puts it on her. Turning Xu Xu's head towards the window, Ji Bai directs Xu Xu's attention back to the beautiful sunset outside. 

Quite lost in the sense of awareness of having Ji Bai so close, Xu Xu yelps in dismay when Ji Bai suddenly grabs her art notebook from underneath her pillow. Laughing as he allows a very flustered Xu Xu to take back her notebook, the unrepentant Ji Bai picks up his jacket the has fallen off Xu Xu during their tug of war and puts it back on her. 
As a fun side note, we find out from a conversation between Yao Meng and Zhan Han that Xu Xu has been keeping a chart on Ji Bai. From the color of his clothes, how many times he smiles to what he likes to eat everyday. Apparently Xu Xu even puts all of Ji Bai's data in a program to crunch some numbers on him. 
Curious, Zhan Han asks "What is she trying to figure out?"
Cocking her head, Yao Meng replies "What Ji Bai likes of course." 
Even more confused, Zhan Han asks "But what is her reason for doing this?" Seeing Yao Meng's suggestive smile, Zhan Han ventures a guess "She likes Ji Bai?" 
Thoughtful, Yao Meng explains "At first, she was just a bit frustrated with Ji Bai. She was simply trying to use those data to figure out a way to survive having Ji Bai as her boss. But then, things changed later on..." 
Of course much more curious about Yao Meng's feelings towards Ji Bai than our heroine's, Zhan Han takes the chance to asks Yao Meng what he always wanted to know. A bit shy, Yao Meng admits that while Ji Bai is her idol, someone she looks up to but her feelings for Ji Bai is different from Xu Xu's. 
Left behind to do all the paper work together while their team is in Myanmar, Yao Meng and Zhao Han's relationship takes a decisive step forward especially when President Ye's brother commits suicide and leaves a confession tape that makes Zhao Han remember his father. (The confession was about Ye Zi's father's kidnapping which all essentially leads back to the same crime group that killed both Ye Zi and Zhao Han's father.) Wrapping her arms around Zhan Hao as he tearfully describes how terribly he misses his father, Yao Meng let's her own tears flow and softly thanks Zhao Hao for everything he has done to help her. 

Unfortunately for poor Zhan Hao, while Yao Meng is aware of everything he has done for her but it looks like Yao Meng still hasn't quite figured out that Zhan Hao likes her...or has she?? 
Back to the train with our two leads. With the political unrest in Myanmar, Ji Bai and his team have to be constantly on guard of their surroundings which means our hero who takes it as his duty to safe guard every member of his team is soon in danger of overtaxing himself. Sending all his team to bed while he personally guards Xu Xu's door for the night, Ji Bai finally falls asleep sitting up. Paying close attention to Ji Bai's movement right outside of her door, Xu Xu opens her door quietly and enjoys her chance of staring at a sleeping Ji Bai. (She is the heroine so that's not creepy.) 
Finally getting off the train, Ji Bai and his team is met with the Myanmar army assigned to assist them. Sitting in the back seat of the military caravan, Xu Xu peers closely at Ji Bai's tired face and asks "Have you experienced dizziness and blurry vision in the last two days." Pressing his hand to his head, Ji Bai closes his eyes and replies "If you worry too much then you will get wrinkles. Be careful, that will make it difficult for you to get married." 

Despite being speechless after Ji Bai's "warning", Xu Xu still watches Ji Bai closely and sits up to make herself extra tall so when Ji Bai finally falls asleep from exhaustion she was able let him lean on her shoulder. I love the little smile Xu Xu gave when Ji Bai's head finally rested on her shoulder. How easily satisfied when you have a crush... 
Fully prepared to meet plenty of obstacles as they try to track down Lu Ge in a foreign country, Ji Bai and his team are surprised when everything seems to be going smoothly...maybe too smoothly. Successfully convincing a man to be their witness in court after Ji Bai stops a bunch of thugs from trashing the man's store, Ji Bai and his team are determined to make sure nothing happens to their precious witness. 
Staying behind at the hotel to go over all the clues once again while Ji Bai is personally protecting their witness, Xu Xu jumps up in surprise when a loud booming sound suddenly shakes the building. Running to the window to see smoke filling the sky, a panicked Xu Xu rushes to Ji Bai's location only to find the place completely destroyed by a bomb. Forcing herself to stay calm, Xu Xu looks around frantically and is finally rewarded when a bystander tells her that he saw a van taking Ji Bai away. 
Tracking Ji Bai all the way to a gambling hall, our clever heroine successfully gets in by putting on a pair of glasses and an innocent smile to pass herself off as a harmless young girl. Relying on her exceptional observation skill and quick thinking, Xu Xu was able to search the whole gambling hall...
until all the thugs caught onto her true identity and come after her. 

Screaming and running through the gambling hall with all her might, Xu Xu's scream stops suddenly when Ji Bai pops out of nowhere. Dragging Xu Xu behind him, Ji Bai protects her from the seemingly unending onslaught of thugs.  
Thanks to Ji Bai's team and the Myanmar army's timely arrival, our two leads are saved from the thugs. Their brain working double time now that they are not running for their lives anymore, it soon occurs to our two leads that the person who would recognize Xu Xu as a police must have been Hu Shi Shan. (The guy that killed Ye Zi, the hero's friend. Xu Xu and Ji Bai figured it couldn't be Lu Ge because according to their information she has already left the area.) With the Myanmar army's help, Ji Bai's team soon gain control over the whole gambling hall and start their search for Hu Shi Shan. 

Assuming that Hu Shi Shan must've escaped when they see the door to a secret passage wide open, Ji Bai is about to follow the Myanmar army into it until Xu Xu stops him and tells him that the open door is just a way to deceive them. 
Trusting Xu Xu's judgement, Ji Bai follows her as she uses her observation skills once again to discover a hidden room. Proving that he is still worthy to be Xu Xu's teacher after all, Ji Bai easily guessed the code to the lock on the hidden room and opens the door to reveal Hu Zhi Shan inside. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Boy, it sure is obvious this week that Ji Bai is letting our heroine have a whole lot of say about his actions. The above scene is when Ji Bai is getting ready to get into the driver's seat and Xu Xu stops him to tell him that he is in no condition to drive. Pausing only for a moment, Ji Bai lets go of the car handle and tells one of his subordinate to drive instead. 
We could say that Ji Bai has just come to trust Xu Xu's professional judgement...a lot but then he is also letting her have a say in his private life such as his smoking. Like someone pointed out to him early in episode 16 when he told them that his co-worker is controlling his smoke, the man replies "Isn't that something a wife would do?" 
Another fun exchange was when the Myanmar army leader remarks that Xu Xu is cute and Ji Bai replies "I think so. Thank you." Is Ji Bai just being polite or is he thanking the guy for complimenting his girl?! 
If we were going by Ji Bai's character in the novel then I would have no doubt that he has already fallen in love with Xu Xu at this point since Ji Bai is someone that is very aware of his attractiveness to women and would never do anything to let a woman develop false hope in him. However, we have established that this show is NOT following the novel so I am really unsure where the hero stands at this point. There seems to be no doubt that Xu Xu has become very important to Ji Bai but is he interested in her romantically? Or a better question...Ji Bai is extremely sharp so can he tell that his little alien has fallen in love with him? 
Oh, one more fun scene before I leave. Ji Bai was washing his laundry the old fashion way at the hotel and after taking one look Xu Xu tells him that he is doing it wrong. Not missing a beat, Ji Bai moves out of the way so Xu Xu could take over washing his clothes while he starts on the more simpler task of rinsing his soapy clothes. 


  1. Thanks for the recap ninja! Love the little bits of interactions they have that pertain to romance. How many episodes WASFIL is going to have ? I see 21 everywhere but i don't think it's right.

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    1. 21 is the number I am seeing as well...sob.

  4. I believe that Tsai is the brother Lu(the boss lady) rescuer and the ringleader of the crime. There's something off with him, like he's trying to throw the cops off his scent. Also, his build is similar to the silhouette when he rescued boss lady.