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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 19-21(End) Recap

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 19-21(End) Recap
Teasing Xu Xu with a smile when she happily declares that she always knew that he must've escaped the bomb somehow, Ji Bai reveals that he had taken their witness back to Xu Xu's hotel room after the bomb blast...

which meant he had somehow decided to take the time to read her drawing book. Figuring out rather easily that the snail is Xu Xu and the lion is himself, Ji Bai admits to Xu Xu that while he read most of the book but he didn't have the time to read the last page and see what the lion said to the snail.
A bit relieved, Xu Xu turns to leave but stops when Ji Bai asks "Don't you want to hear what I think of your drawings?" Turning back to face Ji Bai, our heroine chickens out and tells Ji Bai that they are still on a mission right now so they should wait until they get back home to talk about personal stuff.
Giving Xu Xu a slight smile, Ji Bai agrees to her suggestion of waiting until later. Remembering what she drew in her notebook as she looks out to the ocean with Ji Bai, Xu Xu thinks to herself "The snail told the lion that her visa at earth is about to expire. The lion says "Don't leave. Stay. Stay by my side." That is the ending the snail wanted... Ji Bai, I really like you. A lot."
Perhaps guessing from our heroine's shy smile what she is thinking, Ji Bai reaches out his arm decisively and pulls Xu Xu right against him.
Charged with the task of transporting Hu Zhi Shan back to China to face trail, Ji Bai and his team feel confident that with General Po's military escort that they would be back home in no time. Taking the opportunity on the train to have an in depth talk with their prisoner, Ji Bai manages to remain calm even when Hu Zhi Shan gleefully describes how he killed Ye Ze. Unbeknownst to Ji Bai while he is listening to Hu Zhi Shan boasting his many crimes, our heroine has just realized a horrifying truth- General Po is actually one of the big baddie and the man behind Lu Ge.

Forcing herself to be calm, Xu Xu manages to call her boss for back up but her phone connection soon dies and she is left on her own. Warned by his lover, Lu Ge that Xu Xu is a brilliant detective that has the uncanny ability to see through all pretenses, General Po quickly isolates our heroine to stop her from warning her co-workers.
Finally figuring out something has gone terribly wrong especially after he was attacked by General Po's soldiers and suffered a dilapidating hit to the side of his head, Ji Bai successfully rescues Xu Xu but death seems certain when they hear the sounds of even more soldiers coming towards them. Determined to fight against all odds, Ji Bai raises a gun to prepare for what's coming. Knowing full well that this could be their last moment together, Xu Xu presses herself against Ji Bai's back and closes her eyes. Distracted for just a bit by Xu Xu's unexpected action, Ji Bai looks down at her but quickly turns his attention to the dangers ahead.
Relieved for a moment when the solider never showed up, Ji Bai pushes Xu Xu into an empty sleeper room and orders her climb out of the window. Obeying Ji Bai's command out of habit, it finally dawns on Xu Xu as she hangs outside of the moving train that if she lets go of Ji Bai's hand right then she might never see him again. Ignoring Xu Xu pitiful yells of "I won't go! I want to stay with you!" Ji Bai urgently instructs Xu Xu to get in contact with their people and then promptly lets go of his hands.

Resolutely closing the window, Ji Bai picks up his gun to go help the rest of his team but Lu Ge was prepared for him and shoots him the moment his opens the door.
Left completely alone now, Xu Xu runs with all her might to an empty field to release a signal smoke in order to let the back up team know where they are. Finally overwhelmed with fear for Ji Bai's safety when her task is done, Xu Xu breaks down and cries. Her anguish cries interrupted by a car that showed up out of nowhere, Xu Xu looks at the driver in complete disbelief when the man introduces himself as Zhao Han's father. (Yap, our hero's teacher. The guy that Ji Bai thought was long dead.) With no time to explain to Xu Xu why he is suddenly back from the dead or how he has been secretly helping Ji Bai to track down the baddies, Daddy Zhao tells a much relieved Xu Xu to get in his car.
Having gotten word from their people that General Po had already taken Ji Bai hostage and escaped from the train, Xu Xu and Daddy Zhao drive aimlessly in search for Ji Bai until Xu Xu spots little pieces of her notebook Ji Bai had cleverly left behind. Both reassured and worried as she stares at the bloodied lion drawing, Xu Xu frantically follows after the trail Ji Bai had left.
Interestingly, General Po apparently has long admired Ji Bai as a worthy opponent and was even disappointed that Ji Bai's gun shot wound prevents him from having a fight to see who is better. Dismayed when General Po expresses his intent to leave Ji Bai behind without killing him, Lu Ge decides to take matters into her own hands and aims her gun at our hero only to yell in pain when Xu Xu shoots a bullet into her arm at the last second.

Despite being severely hurt and at the point of passing out, Ji Bai throws himself at General Po once he sees that Xu Xu is in danger. Our weakened hero is of course no match for General Po and promptly passes out after receiving a few hard punches but by this point, Xu Xu's back up has arrived to save the day.
Scrambling as fast as she could towards Ji Bai, Xu Xu cries as she cradles his head in her lap. Opening his eyes briefly to look up at Xu Xu, Ji Bai whispers "That shot was very impressive. You have passed your test. You are now an official member of the team." Sigh...not very romantic but somehow very appropriate for our hero. 
A small time jump here. We are not told for how long but I am guessing a couple months.

Kudos to the script writer of coming up with one of the more "shocking" time jump I have seen. Usually time jumps will give you some nondescript scenes first but Snail throws us right into Yao Meng AND Zhao Han's new home! So sad! I was really looking forward to when Zhao Han finally has the courage to tell Yao Meng how he feels but the writer skipped all that and jumped to marriage?! 

As for our two leads, Ji Bai is nowhere to be seen but we are left to imagining the worst as we watch a forlorn Xu Xu stands by a lake remembering a cherish memory of her and Ji Bai fishing together.
Thankfully the writer doesn't leave us hanging for too long. The scene changes again and we are at Yao Meng's wedding. Her eyes bright with happiness and disbelief when she sees Ji Bai walk in, Xu Xu eagerly asks "When did you wake up? How are you feeling?"
Instead of answering Xu Xu's questions, Ji Bai hands her back her notebook. Mildly puzzled, Xu Xu flips through her notebook and sees that Ji Bai has taped back all the parts he had ripped out except the very last page. Beckoning Xu Xu to come closer, Ji Bai tells her "I can't find the last page no matter how I tried, so why don't I tell you the answer myself." We unfortunately can't hear what Ji Bai said to Xu Xu, but whatever it was (I am assuming it's the same answer Xu Xu wrote: Don't leave, stay by my side.) has Xu Xu diving into Ji Bai's embrace crying happy tears.

Patting Xu Xu gently, Ji Bai all the suddenly asks "When I was coming in and out of consciousness I seem to remember hearing you telling me that if I don't wake up soon then I won't be able to see you race in a marathon?" Surprised when Xu Xu admits that she had indeed signed up for a race and actually did well in it, Ji Bai laughs "I guess I should've slept longer. Me in a coma was actually a better way to get you work harder. I don't have to worry that my little snail would shrink back into her shell without me. In truth, even without me, you could live a splendid life. Right?"
Content as she snuggles her head against Ji Bai, Xu Xu replies "Yes, no matter if you wake up or not I would've lived a splendid life. I have already thought about it. Even if you never open your eyes again, I will live a wonderful life for both of us. I will carry double the responsibility." Pulling back a bit, Xu Xu looks up at Ji Bai "But if I really never see you again. Then all that's left for me is duty and responsibility. Without the lion, the snail would only have her shell. Marching forward with her shell in a world that is devoid of color."
Obviously moved by Xu Xu's words, Ji Bai asks "Then what about now?"
Flashing Ji Bai a dazzling smile, Xu Xu declares "Sunshine and flowers everywhere!"
Agreeing that it is definitely a day for wonderful things to happen, Ji Bai pulls out a ring and puts it on a rather dumbfounded Xu Xu. Feeling the foreign weight of the ring on her finger, Xu Xu asks "You haven't asked me if I would say yes."
In his usual confident manner, Ji Bai turns the question back to Xu Xu "Would you say no?"
Smiling brightly at our hero, Xu Xu replies "I wouldn't."
Ahh... kisses FINALLY!
Remembering belatedly that they are being watched by a whole hoard of audience when their passionate kisses are interrupted by the sound of applause, Ji Bai and Xu Xu look up to find all their friends cheering for them.

Walking towards the bride and groom, Ji Bai hands Yao Meng's resignation letter back to her and says "Welcome back to the team. Congratulations."

I would've LOVED for the show to end right here but alas the writer decides to leave us hanging.
Visiting Ye Zi's grave site together, our two leads decide to step out of sight when they see Ye Qiao coming up to pay her respect as well. In the middle of lamenting with Xu Xu of how the Ye family fought so hard in life but ended up being buried together, Ji Bai's vision suddenly go blurry. Giving no indication of the discomfort he just experience, Ji Bai turns to Xu Xu and asks "If I was dead, it wouldn't be like you to come visit the grave site. I am guessing that you will instead just talk to my spirit at any time and any place."
Looking at Ji Bai squarely in the face, Xu Xu firmly declares "I want to be with the physical you. Any time and any place."

Ninja's Wrap Up Thoughts:
Oh, why show!!! It was such a lovely ending until the cryptic last bit where we have hints that there might be problems to Ji Bai's physical condition and more crime cases coming their way. By the way, as far as I remember there were nothing wrong with Ji Bai's health in the novel. In fact, it was Xu Xu that was kidnapped not Ji Bai. Oh, well. I am guessing the show is just setting up for season 2 ...which despite how much I loved Snail I actually am not too sure how I feel about it.
I was watching an interview where both of the lead actors had expressed that this show was heavy on the crime cases and not so much on the romance part. I think they even gone as far as to say that the script writer had really diminished the romance part of the novel in the show. My memory might be all messed up, but I actually thought the tv show did a much better job showcasing the romance between the two leads than the novel. I loved how Ji Bai and Xu Xu's relationship grew visibly overtime and there were simply no doubt by the end of the show that they love each other deeply while in the novel it was pretty abrupt for me. For those of you who are reading the novel while following this show, what are you guys' thoughts?
Anyhow, the development of trust and eventual romance between the two leads were the reasons I loved this show so I am a bit torn if I would be as interested in a season 2 now that BOTH couples have gotten together. If the show had left Yao Meng's ending open then I would've been interested to see how she eventually fell in love with Zhao Han but even that part is wrapped up. That's not to say that Snail didn't do a good enough job on the criminal cases portion but I loved the balance of the romance and crime investigation so much that I would be very disappointed if season two ended up being more crime heavy.

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  1. I am in a mesh by end of #21, I love love love our Snail/Lion couple to bits. I am with you on "the balance of the romance and crime investigation"; I am both sad and happy with this coming to an end so I am kinda prepared for a season 2.

    Having read the novel in the midst of the drama, I tend to agree that the drama did a much better job in developing the relationship between JiBai & XuXu, the drama gives a more palatable development but it could also be because the chemistry between WangKai & WangZiWen is totally out of this world; one look, one touch from either one of them to the other party could just melt you~ so YAY ♥

    Thank you so much for the recap and afterthought on Snail, cheers~

  2. Thank you for all your recaps!

    I must confess I don't quite like how the scriptwriter changed the novel's storyline - the possible illness, the sped-up relationship between Yao Meng and Zhao Han (which wasn't even in the novel), how Xu Xu 'saved' Ji Bai, among others. I thought the novel did a better job developing the romance between the main characters, but, there was a lot more time to do it in. In the drama, I can't quite see how or why Ji Bai would develop feelings for Xu Xu (although the actors' chemistry is excellent). Perhaps Season 2 would be better?

    1. Can you please tell where can I find the novel? complete?

    2. Chingu, This novel hasn't been completely translated yet. If you go to https://tiffybook.com for the beginning and then go to https://tranzgeek.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/wasfil-chapter-41-1/ for the continuation. It is still in progress .

    3. Have the same thoughts, I think the romance was/is better in the novel, I love the parts, where I can hear/read thei inner thoughts...and how Xu Xu is growing up to know what love is...

  3. I personaly like the novel more. In the drama.. It didnt show excatly how jibai fall for xuxu. While in the novel its clearly jibai who fall in love first. They change the storyline too much. As far as i see.. The drama not balance the crime and romance. It apply for yaomeng zhaohan relationship.. It grow to sudden. While the main character having slow progress. Hope the seoson 2 do a better job. But this drama still my favorite. Hehehehe

    1. I like the novel better as well. There were more close moments between the leads. The show was more about the crime.

    2. Can you please tell where can I find the novel? complete?

  4. Any clue when season 2 will air?
    Some parts in d novel I loved for example Xuxu's relationship with her brother, it was really cute. Also how Jibai makes her run and its cute their interaction in d novel. So they should have had less crime and a little bit more on d personal relationship btw d team, couples etc... just my opinion :)

  5. I think the novel did a better job of the romance bits ... like did I miss something but where did the iconic dialogue between Ji Bai and XuXu go where he exasperatedly asks her on whether she had cottoned on to his "chasing her" and she just tells him to relax as she already liked him? And the parts where he introduces her to his mates and they start calling her sis-in-law? Also, the very, very painful English dialogues made me wince although the author also massacred the English in the novel too, so perhaps that was intentional? Was disappointed in the drama but loved the sketches ... so cute!

  6. Hello ... I just love your recaps and Thanks for doing it. I will say this I love both the novel and drama equally. The drama visually showed us their character development and the novel showed us how their romance blossomed so passionately. They both were outstanding in their own way.

  7. I read the novel too and I agree with you, I think the drama executes the romance part better than the novel itself. There are some cute moments of OTP in novels of course, but I think it didn't execute in line with Jibai and Xuxu's characteristics. I am so happy that they hinted for 2nd season because I can't get enough of the story. Thank you for this great recap ^^

  8. Hi. uhmm, i'm just wondering where i could watch episodes 19-21? thank you so much

  9. can someone tell me, where i could read the full novel of the english translation? I'm searching on the internet but I couldn't find the full english translation

  10. thanks for recaps
    for me .. I like both..drama and the novel. just like reading, watching two story with great chemistry between the characters, between Ji Bai and Xuxu and others.
    You try to watch in putlockerhdfree for episode 19-21 with english subtitle

  11. Where can you read the novel of this show?

    1. Go to this site https://tiffybook.com/category/when-a-snail-loves-ding-mo-heincomplete/page/5/

  12. At the end, I was a little fearful that there would be no season 2, so I'm glad to hear there will be. I am only halfway through the book and the differences from the show are incredible. In my opinion, the book has a lot more romance than this show, but I'm excited to see what's in store for season 2.

  13. I'm currently reading the novel and there's definitely more romance than the drama! The drama does not do it justice. The book is so much better. There are many important parts like Ji Bai's declaration of his love to Xu Xu that the drama didn't even mentioned. I won't go into details as I don't want to spoil it for those who wish to read it.

  14. I think the novel has catched better the whole romance and growing up in Love of Xu Xu and their inner thoughts and the declariation of hi slove, would be nice to have it before the first kiss..it felt a little bit rushed...I loved how Ji Bai thinks only XXX in the novel after he is with Xu Xu...:) :) So I love the drama, but love the novel more.

  15. I need season 2 asap.
    Me so in love with Wang Kai. Hahha. Im not going to give comments for the story..but the cinematography damn it's stunning! I'm spoiled.