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Friday, November 4, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 5-8 Second Impression

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 5-8 Quick Recap
*I am not going to give too much details on the crime cases but will focus more on the two leads' interpersonal relationships.
Feeling unsettled about Zhang Shi Yong's kidnapping case even after they successfully rescued him, Ji Bai and Xu Xu become even more convinced that something bigger is at work when a human trafficking case leads them right back to Zhang Shi Young.

Finally willing to admit that Xu Xu is an outstanding criminal profiler after working with her, our hero Ji Bai nonetheless still harbors doubts about Xu Xu's ability to work in the Violent Crimes Unit.

A bit confused when she walks into work one morning to see Ji Bai munching away on what he had assumed were breakfast she had bought to "get on his good side", it doesn't take much for Xu Xu to figure out that her co-worker, Yao Meng was actually the one that brought the food. Kicking into her automatic "robotic" mode, Xu Xu starts to list the reasons why Yao Meng bought breakfast for everyone...including why Yao Meng would purposefully buy Ji Bai's favorite breakfast food. Turning around in surprise when Yao Meng suddenly yells her name loudly to cut her off, it finally dawns on our heroine that she might've done something wrong. (Yao Meng harbors an idol sort of crush on Ji Bai but it looks like Ji Bai's best friend has fallen in love with Yao Meng.)

Feeling terrible as she realized that her unintentional act had hurt her friend, Xu Xu mumbles "I was wrong. I will change. I didn't realize she would be so embarrassed and hurt." Ironically, Xu Xu's willingness to admit her mistake actually becomes the reason for Ji Bai to finally accept her fully.
A naturally happy and outgoing sort of girl, Yao Meng pleas with Ji Bai to take both her and Xu Xu as his apprentice. In a good mood, Ji Bai agrees Yao Meng's request readily and tells Xu Xu over the phone the good news. Breaking out in a rare smile, Xu Xu thank Ji Bai for letting her stay and promises that she will pass the physical test in three month's time as they had previously agreed.
Too busy setting up a sting operation to catch the scumbag that had kidnapped a young disabled girl then subsequently killed her when he couldn't sell her for money, Ji Bai forces himself to suppress the uneasy feeling when he gets a disturbing phone call from his childhood friend, Ye Zi.

In the habit of protecting Ye Zi since they were kids, Ji Bai thinks of her as a precious little sister...even if he knows full well that Ye Zi's feelings for him go well beyond that. Unable to shake off the foreboding feeling that Ye Zi is in trouble, Ji Bai takes a break from work at the earliest possible moment but unfortunately the strange phone call from Ye Zi turns out to be the last time our hero would hear her voice.
Showing only the slightest signs of how shaken he is, Ji Bai stoically looks over Ye Zi's bloody corpse and tries to act like he is at a normal crime scene. Following Ji Bai quietly to Ye Zi's closet to take an inventory of her things, Xu Xu suddenly wraps her arms around Ji Bai and pats his back briskly.
(Our heroine's embrace here was very stiff. You could almost hear her thinking in her head "Ji Bai is upset. A hug is what people do to comfort others... so that's what I must do.")
Looking up at Ji Bai, Xu Xu declares that she will be the one to do the inventory since it must be very difficult for him. Stepping in front of Ji Bai resolutely, Xu Xu starts to list off Ye Zi's things methodically...until Ji Bai grabs her by the collar and moves her out of the way. Not bothering to look at Xu Xu, Ji Bai explains "catching the killer is the last thing I can do for her (Ye Zi)".
Acting eerily calm and normal as he goes through all the steps to catch Ye Zi's killer, Ji Bai eventually takes a much needed break at the basketball court. Sitting quietly as she watches Ji Bai shoot one basket after another, it becomes clear to our heroine (after she instinctively compiles a statistic of Ji Bai's performance in her mind) that Ji Bai is suppressing his emotion so much that working out at the basketball court is the only way to let out some of the grief that threatens to overwhelm him.
Quickly realizing from the various clues that Zhang Shi Young was actually having an affair with Ye Zi, our two leads eventually pin points Zhang Shi Young's wife, Ye Qiao as the killer.
Walking out for a cigarette break after he had successfully torn down Ye Qiao's calm exterior in the interrogation room, Ji Bai looks up with slight amusement when Xu Xu sits down by him without giving him a lecture about the ill affects of smoking. Explaining that there is no reason to lecture what Ji Bai already knows, Xu Xu instead asks "Can I be in charge of your lighter from now on? You don't have to carry a lighter anymore. I will be ready to light your cigarette whenever you need a smoke." Exhaling a puff of cigarette smoke, Ji Bai asks "Why? So I can keep count?"
Looking over at Ji Bai, Xu Xu replies softly "So I can know when you need to rely on external stimulus to exert control."
Not impressed when Xu Xu continues in a matter of fact tone of how dangerous it is to suppress one's emotion until the dam finally breaks, Ji Bai retorts "You assume too much. I started smoking 10 years ago, I don't need someone to give me a health or psychological lesson. You are just one of my apprentice - one who can only keep being that if she can pass the physical test in three months."

Ninja's Second Impression:
It has been a while since I found a crime drama that I wanted to follow so I am extremely glad to actually find one that hits all the right buttons for me. I am usually one that needs a fairly solid romance plot line in a crime drama but I am strangely content with the "snail" pace our two leads' relationship is progressing.
This actually comes as a surprise to me but I much prefer the way our two leads' romance is developing in the show as oppose to the novel. In the novel, Ji Bai is someone who is very used to women being interested in him (which you do kinda get the feeling as well in the tv show) but he just all the sudden decides one day that Xu Xu has caught his eye. Okay, fine, I am sure the writer did much better than what I made it sounded like but still, I wasn't too clear why the hero fell in love other than "I am so cool so I need a woman unlike any other to match me."

In contrast, I feel like the script writer is doing an excellent job in creating opportunities and meaningful moments that push our two leads' relationship from a Master-Apprentice relationship to something much more.
My favorite scene from this last four episodes is when Ji Bai is left alone in the interrogation room after he just heard from Zhang Shi Young about his affair with Ye Zi and his testimony of how he found Ye Zi's body that fateful night. Staring at Ji Bai from the two way mirror in the next room, Xu Xu finally walks out but then finds herself pausing in front of the interrogation room. Quickly making up her mind to check on Ji Bai, Xu Xu goes to open the door at the exact moment Ji Bai walks out. Staring down at Xu Xu's concerned face for a brief moment, Ji Bai's solemn expression immediately turns to a smile when his other co-workers showed up. I LOVE this scene because it showed so much with so few words.
I think it's way too early for our robotic heroine to harbor any sort of romantic feelings towards Ji Bai yet but at least she is visibly worried about him and finds herself constantly watching him. On our hero's end, he is obviously too distressed right now to be interested in love but we do see small signs that he is starting to treat Xu Xu differently...like when he doesn't hide his expression in front of her but quickly puts on a smile once his co-workers showed up.

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  1. I absolutely love this couple. To each their own, I know many prefer Love me if you Dare but as for me - my preference is definitely the Snail pace.

    I really really like.

  2. I love your recaps!!!! Can't wait to see this drama!!!!

  3. Heiii~ i only found this drama with english sub until episode 6. Where did you get until episode 8? ��

    1. if you have the channel you will already have watched it til episode 9, but for the rest of us, Monday is when most of the many free streaming sites will show all 3 of the next episodes it will be uploaded usually on Monday, a week later than that was aired.

  4. Thanks Ninja, always enjoy your recaps. Thanks for recommending this show.