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Saturday, November 12, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 9-12 Recap

Ninja's When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 9-12 Recap
Their expression stoic, our two leads listen quietly as Ye Qiao vehemently describes her own fierce jealousy towards Ye Zi ever since they were young and how she had killed Ye Zi that fateful night.

Extremely calm and stoic through out Ye Qiao's detail description of how Ye Zi died, the only sign of Ji Bai's grief is when he allows himself a cigarette break after Ye Qiao's interrogation. Looking up when Xu Xu quietly shows up once again, Ji Bai tosses his lighter to her and declares "You can be my lighter's keeper from now on."
A fun side note: In the novel, Ji Bai had repeatedly told Xu Xu that no apprentice nor co-worker has the right to interfere in his business...unless that someone is his girlfriend.  
Ye Qiao's confession, her jealousy over Ye Zi's affair with her husband and the evidence at the scene all seem to point to the fact that Ye Qiao is the killer...but something just doesn't sit right with Xu Xu. Showing up at the crime scene late that night, Xu Xu begins to sift through all the details one more time in hopes of catching something she missed. Lost in her thoughts, Xu Xu jumps up in fear when a dark form suddenly appears until she realizes it was just Ji Bai who apparently is just as unsettled about the case as she was.

Smiling with eagerness and relief to see Ji Bai, Xu Xu runs towards him only to stop when Ji Bai angrily asks "A girl coming to a crime scene alone in the middle of the night! Are you without fear of death at all?" Looking up at Ji Bai's still frustrated expression, Xu Xu replies "I knew you would come. I actually thought I would've arrived behind you."
Patiently waiting as he watches Xu Xu runs through the whole house in the darkness, Ji Bai listens as Xu Xu points out more and more flaws to Ye Qiao's confession. Too lost in her own thoughts, Xu Xu doesn't pay any attention to the night's cold temperature until Ji Bai notices her sneezing and puts his own jacket on her. Blinking in surprise when she feels Ji Bai's jacket on her, Xu Xu tries to assure Ji Bai that she could just jump around to keep warm but Ji Bai merely tells her that she has a duty to not get sick while their department is so busy. 

After explaining his own reasons of why he doesn't believe Ye Qiao's confession, Ji Bai suggests to Xu Xu that they write down the name of who they think the killer is. Both intrigued to see what the other's answer is, Ji Bai and Xu Xu are about to show each other their paper but unfortunately they were interrupted right then.
Having established that Ye Qiao is not the killer then it leaves the question of who is she trying to protecting. Since it seemed highly unlikely that Ye Qiao would willingly go to prison for a cheating husband she was about to divorce anyway, it soon becomes apparent that Ye Qiao's brother must've been the one Ye Qiao has been trying to protect.

Tricked into going to the police station, Ye Qiao's brother turns violent when he mistakenly thought the police is going to arrest his father and starts wielding a knife wildly. Quickly wrapping his arms around Xu Xu to get her out of harms way, Ji Bai ignores a knife wound to his arm and quickly subdues Ye Qiao's brother.
Her eyes reddening with concern as she stares at Ji Bai's bloody arm, Xu Xu uses her trademark attention to detail to treat Ji Bai's wound.

Restless as he watches Xu Xu carefully clean his wound, Ji Bai steals Xu Xu's folded note paper from her jacket pocket. Strangely meek when Xu Xu chides him for moving around, Ji Bai opens Xu Xu's paper and sees that she had written Ye Qiao's brother's name on it...just as he had. Ji Bai and Xu Xu had different reasons for suspecting Ye Qiao's brother but they both reached the same conclusion. 
While Xu Xu was giving Ji Bai's wound her full attention, our hero had stared at her for just a brief moment... What does that look mean?! 
Least we dared to think the case is finally solved this time, another twist reveals itself and we find out that while Ye Qiao's brother was the one that accidentally pushed Ye Zi off the second floor balcony but the real killer was actually Ye Qiao's father's right hand man, Hu Zhi Shan. Surprised when they were informed that the killer had injected Ye Zi with a icy salt solution in order to lower her internal body temperature thus misleading the police on the time of her death, it doesn't take much for our leads to figure out that someone as hotheaded as Ye Qiao's brother could never have planned a crime so intricate. 
Quickly narrowing their possible suspect to Hu Zhi Shan, Ji Bai sends his men to apprehend him but by this time Hu Zhi Shan has already skipped the country. Underneath a mask of unwavering loyalty to President Ye, Zhi Shan has been secretly using the Ye empire to his own ends, and that included smuggling drugs which is how the writer is going to tie this case to the real big bad.   
Completely surprised when Xu Xu shows up at his house with dinner in hand, Ji Bai looks at our heroine with a puzzled expression as she tells him in a matter of fact tone that since he is injured she will be showing up with meals for the next bit. 

Thinking he has finally figured out Xu Xu's strange behavior when she brought up some questions about work, Ji Bai laughs and tells Xu Xu that as his apprentice there is no need from her to "bribe" him just to discuss work. Her turn to be confused, in her trademark stright forward manner Xu Xu replies "I think you are mistaken. I am not trying to bribe you. I bought delicious food not because I was trying to brownnose you, or trying to discuss cases with you."
Ji Bai "Then why?"
Looking back at Ji Bai, Xu Xu asks "Why is there need to be a reason?"
Frowning with confusing now, Ji Bai asks "Uh?"
Explaining once again in her clam and logical tone, Xu Xu continues "I bought delicious food for you because I wanted to, it made me happy. Does there need more reason than that?" 
Speechless as he watches Xu Xu closes the door behind her after flashing him a smile, an even more confused Ji Bai shrugs. 
Curious when she walks into the room to see Xu Xu drawing cartoons, Xu Xu's co-worker/roommate Yao Meng laughs knowingly once she sees the picture and asks "This snail wants to give the pearl to the lion?"
Replying Yao Meng's question with a question of her own, Xu Xu asks "Why?"
Picking up right away that Xu Xu is asking why the snail would want to give the gift to the lion, Yao Meng replies "because it likes the lion."
Looking up at Yao Meng in utter surprise, Xu Xu says with disbelief "Eh?" 
Smiling, Yao Meng explains "This snail fell in love with the lion, but the lion doesn't know what the alien snail is thinking."
Staring down at her own drawing, Xu Xu gives a laugh of disbelief and asks again "You are saying the snail fell in love with the lion?" 
Taking on the air of an all knowing sage, Yao Meng expounds on her answer "The first time the lion saved the snail, all the snail wanted to do was to repay him so she can get back to her alien planet as soon as possible. But when it happened the second time then it was different. On the second time, the lion ended up fighting the bear to save the snail and this time, the snail was so busy staring at the lion with love and concern in her eyes that it forgot to be scared."

Still staring at her own cartoon drawing with a mixture of disbelief and confusion, Xu Xu mutters "Fell in love with the lion?"

Smiling with a dreamy expression, Yao Meng replies "Yap, the snail fell in love with the lion. That's why the snail wants to share everything that's good with the lion." 
Suspicious now that Hu Zhi Shan's case is actually tied to an underground human trafficking organization, Ji Bai's team decides to have Yao Meng go undercover so they could figure out who the mysterious boss, Le Ge is. (Le Ge is one of the villain in the novel so that name will come up again.) Pretending to be a lovey dovey tourist couple with Xu Xu on their sting operation, Ji Bai assumes Xu Xu must be acting her part when she sweetly offers up a piece of food to his mouth. Her expression stiffening the moment a smiling Ji Bai puts his arms around her and remarks "Good, I didn't know your acting skill is so great!" Xu Xu realizes that Ji Bai had mistakenly taken her desire to "share good things with him" as acting.     
Assured that Xu Xu's "acting skill" is apparently quite good, Ji Bai doesn't hold back as he acts the part of a doting boyfriend which of course sends our poor heroine's heart racing. Immediately concerned when he notices how unnaturally red Xu Xu's cheek is, Ji Bai asks "Are you having an allergic reaction? Why are you getting redder? Should we take you to the hospital?" 
Pressed by Ji Bai's misplaced concern, Xu Xu finally answers "You were too close to me before. You are a male. I am a female."
Xu Xu's answer promptly makes Ji Bai stare at her with confused amazement. Sneering as he pretends to wack Xu Xu's head, Ji Bai declares "For someone so short you sure have plenty of problems. Plus, are aliens suppose to differentiate between male and female?" 

Ninja's Thoughts
Wow, I totally didn't expect Xu Xu to fall in love with Ji Bai first. This is a drastic change from the novel. The premise of the novel was that Xu Xu is kinda dense when it comes to love (like a snail) and that's why Ji Bai was the one that figures out his feelings first. Despite the change from the novel though, I LOVE it! While it would've certainly be entertaining if the plot had followed the novel and had the hero skillfully immerse himself in Xu Xu's life until she realizes one day that she is in love with him, I think this switch promises even more fun. 
Our hero has more than once commented on the fact that Xu Xu seems like an alien to him so that's why he hasn't tried to read Xu Xu's actions like he would of a normal woman. For a man so suave, Ji Bai would've assumed any woman showing up at his house with dinner could only mean one thing, but since it was Xu Xu who doesn't think like a normal human being, then it completely confuses him. Of course, Ji Bai wasn't exactly wrong about Xu Xu since she really didn't show up at his house with any other intention than simply sharing a meal with him. 

Anyhow, now that our heroine has figured out her own feelings it is going to be interesting how such a logical person as Xu Xu is going to do about love - the most illogical thing in the world. 

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