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Monday, December 26, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 35-36 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 35-36 Recap
Trusting Mi Poong whole heartily even with all the mounting evidence against her, Jang Go tries to get Grandfather Kim to reverse his decision to fire Mi Poong but by this point Shin Ae has already told Grandfather Kim a bunch more lies to convince him that Mi Poong AND her mother are people without morals.

Without any way to defend herself against an invisible enemy, our clueless heroine is soon booted out of the company much to Shin Ae's satisfaction. His heart aching for Mi Poong especially after a fruitless day of trying to find any means to clear her name, Jang Go comforts his dejected wife and assures her that he will do whatever he can to prove her innocence.

Not wanting to upset their families, Mi Poong decides to go along with Jang Go's suggestion of hiding her crisis for now and puts on a bright smile as she visits her mother at her new apartment. Fooled by her daughter's seemingly usual cheery countenance, Mama Kim excitedly shows Mi Poong "THE" ring that was found while they were moving.
Despite being puzzled how the ring she thought was taken during a robbery ended up underneath a chest of drawer, Mama Kim nonetheless is too grateful to have her husband's ring back to think much about it.
Not happy with merely chasing Mi Poong out of the company, an extremely gleeful Mama Jo quickly shows up at Mama Lee's house to inform her that her daughter-in-law was just fired from her company. Believing Mi Poong must be guilty right away, a furious Mama Lee refuses to listen to our two leads' explanation and yells at Mi Poong to leave her house.

While upset by her mother-in-law's words, Mi Poong nonetheless decides to swallow her tears and get up the next morning to make a full table of breakfast for the Lee family. Frustrated to see Mi Poong still at her house when she got up, Mama Lee swipes all the food off the table and tells Mi Poong once again that she refuses to live with a criminal.
Fuming even after she leaves a tearful Mi Poong cleaning up the breakfast mess, Mama Lee calls Mama Kim and yells "Come take your daughter away!" Completely stunned once she hears the manner her daughter was fired from her job, Mama Kim rushes to Mi Poong's old workplace and begs Grandfather Kim to give Mi Poong another chance. Trusting everything his "grand-daughter" had led him to believe, Grandfather Kim tells a dismayed Mama Kim that with a mother who is willing to seduce other people's husband it is no wonder Mi Poong was raised poorly.
Her heart breaking to see her child so mistreated by everyone around her especially once she finds out Mama Kim had packed up all of Mi Poong's belongings, Mama Kim begs Mama Lee to not toss her daughter out of the house. Her last patience finally snapping the moment she walks into the door to see her mother begging on her knees, Mi Poong bids Mama Lee goodbye and drags her crying mother away.
Finally coming to the conclusion that there could be no happy ending for someone such as herself, Mi Poong asks Jang Go for a divorce. Stunned that Mi Poong would go as far as suggesting divorce, Jang Go pleas with her for another chance but finds himself speechless when Mi Poong tells him that while their marriage was a blissful one for him it was hell for her. 
Without any hope of winning Mi Poong back especially after Mama Lee firmly declares that she has no intention of ever accepting Mi Poong as her daughter-in-law, our poor hopeless hero sobs bitterly with Grandmother Lee as they both realize that letting Mi Poong go is the only thing Jang Go could do for her.

Jang Go did tell Mi Poong several times that he is willing to move out of his mother's house but by this point Mi Poong just wants to live peacefully with her mother and her nephew. I also find it interesting that Mama Lee is not exactly happy to get rid of Mi Poong especially knowing how much her son has come to resent her for destroying his marriage but alas, Mama Lee just can't bring herself to let go of her prejudice against our heroine. 
Wanting to at least give Mi Poong the peace she sought, Jang Go finally agrees to the divorce but tells Mi Poong that he hopes she changes her mind before their divorce becomes final in the next few months.
Reverting back to the woman who had to fight the whole world to protect her mother and nephew, Mi Poong resorts to selling breakfast on the street with Mama Kim when it becomes obvious that her scandal at Grandfather Kim's company had spread like wild fire ensuring that no one would be willing to hire her.

Bracing the dangers of avoiding the police (it looks like it's illegal at some areas) and inescapable conflicts with other vendors, Mi Poong puts her broken heart behind her as she focuses on surviving.
Confident that she has finally got rid off Mi Poong and Mama Kim out of her life for good, Shin Ae turns her attention to the matter of finding a way to keep her daughter by her side. His heart melting into a puddle when Yoo Jin refuses to go back to the orphanage and tearfully begs "Couldn't I live with you and auntie?", Hee Dong decides to suggest to Shin Ae that they adopt Yoo Jin as their daughter. Relieved that her daughter had cried to Hee Dong exactly the way she had instructed, Shin Ae pretends to be conflicted but of course ends up agreeing to Hee Dong's suggestion.

Not happy at all with her son's intention to adopt some body else's child, Mama Jo voices her opposition but alas her son doesn't seem to be too worry about her opinions at all. Fortunately, Grandfather Kim also expresses some concerns and Hee Dong agrees to just let Yoo Jin stay at the house for a bit before they proceeds with the adoption process.
Now that our good guys have sunk to the lowest depth it's time to pave the way for their triumph comeback...at least I hope.

Waking up with a start after a dream where her deceased husband demanded "Why didn't you find my father?!", a shaking Mama Kim tells her daughter that they must do all they can to fulfill her husband's dying request. Concerned to see her mother so shaken, Mi Poong agrees and promptly takes out an ad in the newspaper to find her grandfather. According to the previews it looks like Grandfather Kim will see the ad by next week's episodes. 

You guys ready for a HUGE twist?!
The camera turns to a man sitting on a plane heading for Korea...and the man is none other than Daddy Kim himself! 

Ninja's Thoughts:
He is ALIVE?! How? This is a game changer! My biggest worry right now is that since we still have 14 episodes to go is Daddy Kim going to have amnesia or something so Shin Ae's lie won't get exposed right away?? 
I was also pretty surprised that the two leads' divorce went through so fast. I am a bit torn that Mi Poong gave up on her marriage that quickly but then again given how important her family is to her I can see why watching her mother kneeling in front of Mama Lee was the last straw for her. What didn't make sense to me is why Jang Go wouldn't just move out of the house when he kept telling Mama Lee he would and she in turn had told him to leave as well? 
Oh, well, I was actually secretly happy that Mi Poong was the one that so resolutely showed that Jang Go might not be able to live without her but she could certainly move on for the sake of her family. This of course is going to make it that much more satisfying when Mama Lee figures out that the daughter-in-law she wanted to get rid of so badly is actually the wealthy princess she wanted for her son all along. 

ps. Now that Daddy Kim is back alive and well I guess that's the end of Daddy Jo and Mama Kim for good...  


  1. so much anger i don't think i can watch, thank you for your walkthrough and thoughts, letting me keep the story going in my mind without getting too emotionally drained watching it lol

  2. I am so freaking angry because that b*tch Shin Ae have way too much talk. How could you knowing you're not the rightful heir & has been living in so much lie caused so much drama & attention to yourself. She's just so damn stupid. Everytime she intervenes she leads Mi Poong & Mr. Kim closer. And I'm also disappointed in Mr. Kim for firing Mi Poong based on what he was told about her mother trying to seduce his son. Telling Jang Go not to bring emotion into this yet heither was so quick to dismiss the woman he saved his sorry ass not once but twice. The nerve of that old hag. The writer needs to stop with all the BS now & give our heroines the happy ending already. They've been through too much now. How far do they have to hit rock bottom before the light finally hits them. It better not be in the final episode or I'm going to be evendors more pissed off. Shin Ae is annoying the shit out of me and so is Mama Lee & Jo. Something needs to be done to those 3 like anytime now. I don't know why Daddy Joshua went home he gave up too quick. All he had to do was put his damn foot down. Why does Hee Dong & his father have such wick witches for their wives. They're too perfect of a man to be with those b*tches. I can't wait for Mama Lee to find out Mi Prong is the true heiress... that's going to be the shoak of a lifetime. Because Hee Ra is going to loose everything because of her mother when that man find out what she did.

  3. I am glad for your recaps because I cannot handle watching this. so much anxiety, so much drama, so much noble idiocy. Really really ready to see our heroine take back her life. Thank you for watching this for me.