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Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #113

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #113
Kanjou 8 Gousen (Japanese Drama, New)
I was looking around for a J-drama to put on my watch list and ended up checking this one out. Connected to one other only by a train route (train line 8- thus the name), the story follows six women's lives as they each hide secret pains and trials underneath a happy facade. 
Definitely not your peppy carefree sort of show as it deals with some pretty heavy issues but judging by the first episode the show seems well made. I am not really in the mood for a heavy J-drama right now though so I will be passing on this one for now. 
Let It Fly (Taiwanese Drama, New)
A T-daily about a group of pilots...and their romances of course. Only two episodes have aired, so way too early to tell if this one is a winner or not but it looked fairly promising. 
Blow Breeze (Korean Family Drama)
For those of you who had been following this one off and on I thought it might interest you to know that a HUGE twist was introduced last week. However, for those who doesn't want to check back in until the villains start to get their just rewards then you probably still need to wait another couple weeks. 
Candle in the Tomb (Chinese Drama)
This one has aired up to episode 9 now and while I am not sure yet if we will get a romance plot line eventually but it really is quite good as an adventure story. 

ps. Joe Chen's voice is dubbed so it might be a little distracting at first but I got over it after a few episodes. 
Demon Girl 2 (Chinese Drama, New)
I didn't follow season one of Demon Girl so I am not really planning on checking this one out...even if a small part of me is very tempted by the impressive costumes. Anyone followed this one before? Should I go check it out?
Father, I'll Take Care Of You (Korean Family Drama)
I had complained about this show having too many side plots before but I am happy to report that's not really an issue anymore. While I think it was definitely helpful that the show has added a whole lot more scenes on the four leads now that their romance are starting to get going in earnest, the main reason for the improvement is the fact that the side plots have actually gotten pretty interesting themselves as well. What had felt scattered in the beginning because of all the little side plots has now finally been tied together to make the show fun. 
Goblin (Korean Drama)
We are half way through on this one and I continue to be impressed by how addicting it is. I do wish the writer would give Lee Dong Wook's grim reaper romance with Yoo In Na a bit more screen time though. 
Still, if I had to choose between more screen time for the bromance or the grim reaper romance...then I will choose the bromance anytime. 

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  1. I have watched Demon Girl S1, honestly I found it ok... Nothing that great... U can skip it dear :)
    Yumama's dramas have always beautiful leads but that's it!

  2. Goblin is killing me...love it! You are right, I am now hanging on to the hopes that the villains in Blow Breeze will start to get what's coming to them.