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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to 1989 Episode 1 First Impression

Back to 1989 Episode 1 By Ninja
Drama: Back to 1989 (1989一念間)
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 13
Airs: Fridays

Synopsis: Sent all the way back from the year 2016 to the year 1989 on a stormy night, our hero Chen Che has the rare chance of meeting his own mom back before he was born...and perhaps finally finding out the truth of who his father is. As always, things gets complicated when Chen Che starts to develop feelings for his mother's best friend.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #65

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Friday Drama Round Up #65
Witch's Castle (Korean Drama)
Well...going into episode 30, our two leads are finally interacting with each other but they have just barely moved past from their initial mutual dislike for one another. Sigh...the romance is kinda slow BUT this one is still my current K-daily that I am following. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Go Princess Go- Novel's Ending

Go Princess Go Novel's Ending By Ninja

(This chapter is pretty long so I will pick up from where the 9th Prince is exiled) 

Fall left and winter came. Without knowing it a new year has arrived. Qi Sheng names Qi Hao (Peng Peng's son) as the crown prince. When Fall came around, I found out I am pregnant again. That next summer, the Second Prince was born. That same summer, Concubine Lee asks to move out of the palace for health reasons...Qi Sheng allowed it.

On the third year, the court officials ask Qi Sheng to choose more wives but the only thing Qi Sheng said was "That is my private life, so it doesn't concern you" and ended that discussion.

Once I realized a nation wide beauty pageant was out of question, I figured I could just choose from the palace maids since there are after all over a thousand of them.

Keeping it a secret from Qi Sheng, I went through a whole lot of hard work to finally choose ten palace maids and gathered them together for training. But somehow Qi Sheng got a wind of it and before I have even enjoyed my own hard work sufficiently, Qi Sheng took the ten beauties and gave them to his court officials.

He sure is dang generous with other people's hard work.

I almost spit blood from being so angry. Privately, I took Qi Sheng's emperor's gown and bit it a few times before I elegantly showed up in front of him and advised "A harem exists as a way to have more royal offspring, so you really shouldn't be stubborn about this."

Smiling, Qi Sheng replies "I too think that there are too few children in the palace, let's work harder shall we?"

And thus, that's how in less than three months, the empress is once again pregnant.

Omitting a brief sentence about Peng Peng's maid (not Lu Li though) being married off and someone else becoming her personal maid. 

Peaceful time always passes quickly, and in a blink of an eye the third prince is here.

While I am busily being a baby machine, Prince Zhao and Lu Li are also keep busy...kinda of like being in a race with us. However, Prince Zhao still hasn't remarried (not counting Lu Li because she is still more on the concubine status). Every time this subject comes up, the empress dowager would start tearing up and feels like she has done a great wrong towards Prince Zhao... which means all the well known families will be summoned to recommend appropriate marriage candidates.  

Every time this happens, Lu Li would come visit me at the palace...right when Qi Sheng is around. Lu Li doesn't say much other than grabbing onto my legs and sob that she misses me too much but since the empress dowager is picking a wife for Prince Zhao, then she is going to come back into the palace as my maid once the new wife arrives. 

Unable to stop himself, the very next day Qi Sheng would show up in front of the empress dowager and somehow makes the empress dowager forget all about picking out a new bride for Prince Zhao. 
To clarify here, in the novel, Qi Sheng doesn't miss the fact that the first time he slept with Peng Peng she had mistaken him for Lu Li so Qi Sheng has a jealousy thing going on when it comes to Peng Peng's personal maid.  

After a few times of this, when the empress dowager brings up Prince Zhao's marriage again, the "important" families stop taking her seriously and all the appropriate candidates for one reason or the other end up becoming unsuitable. Eventually, out of ideas and unable to watch his brother still unmarried, Qi Sheng finally elevates Lu Li's status and she becomes Prince Zhao's wife.

Things settles down over at Prince Zhao's household and Qi Sheng too can finally be at peace.

However, it's my turn to be aggravated, because for some reason all of Qi Sheng's wives have become extremely religious and one after another is asking to leave the palace.  

Qi Sheng's wives has always been few in number but now that we are losing one a year, by the time Qi Sheng has been an emperor for five years, the only one left was Concubine Liu and even she is asking to leave in order to join a monastery.  

I met with Concubine Liu and tries to persuade her with "You are so young, why do you have to do this? Everything can be worked out. After these years, you and I are the only ones left in the palace. Back in the old days, we had to wait seven or eight days for the emperor to grace us with his presence but now, the emperor is either at my place or your place so why are you asking to leave? How can the monastery be better than the palace? You won't be able to eat meat at all! Stay! Keep me accompany. I promise you, as long as I can eat meat, I won't make you a vegetarian."

So moved by my own speech, my eyes even start to tear up. 

However, Concubine Liu was even more determined than I was. She grabbed my legs and sobbed "Empress, Please just let me go! I have took my turn at the emperor's palace for so many years but I have never even touched him! I could only swallow my suffering all this time. Back in the old days, at least with the other sisters' help I only needed to do half of the night, but now I am the only one! I have to stare at the emperor all night! I am getting old now, not sleeping for so many nights it's just torturous. Look! Look at the dark circles underneath my eyes! They can't be covered with makeup!" 

Dumbfounded, I stare at the sobbing Concubine Liu and could find no words to say. Finally, after a few pauses I suggests "How about this, I will talk to the emperor and tell him not to summon you at night anymore?" 

Unfortunately, Concubine Liu would have none of it and insists on joining the monastery anyway. 
Looking around the empty palace, I decided that it can't keep going like this and approach Qi Sheng once again "Why does it have to be like this? Isn't it better to have the palace filled with noises and people? I don't care about things like this so we are you so stubborn?"

Giving me a smile, Qi Sheng replies "I am going to use a heart in exchange for another heart. If one year won't do it, then ten years, and if that's still not enough, then a whole life time." 

Not sure how to explain, I tell him "Qi Sheng, you don't understand."
"Then explain it to me." He replied. 

I open my mouth to explain, but I had no clue what to say. In the end, I could only tell him that as long as he is the emperor, he is my master. With my very existence in his hand, how could I just toss all caution aside and love him?

He doesn't understand that love is not just about giving me everything but equality. As long as he is the emperor and I am his empress, we will never be equal. 

The empress dowager dies on the the tenth year of Qi Sheng becoming an emperor. Qi Sheng was really close to the empress dowager so he was depressed for a long time. However this also meant the next year Qi Sheng had an even better reason to not bring in anymore concubines into the palace. 
Two more years passed, and by this time Qi Sheng and I already have three sons and two daughters. That year, Qi Sheng listed all the possible groom candidates and dig though all of their family background before he finally married off our eldest daughter. 

I told Qi Sheng "Let's not have anymore kids okay? I am going to become a grandma anytime now, I am really not barefaced enough to have anymore kids." 

Qi Sheng thought about it for quite a few nights and finally tells me that he will consider my suggestion. 

On the 14th year (since Qi Sheng became the emperor), The crown prince is 16 years old and after picking through carefully we were able to find a wife for him. When we were choosing concubines for him I told my son, "If you would like, it's okay to marry a few more girls. But if you don't like the girl, then don't marry them at all. Don't ruin someone's life." 

The crown prince is still young so he eagerly replies "I only like my wife, so I don't need any more girls." 
But Qi Sheng looks at my with a thoughtful expression. 
The next day, Qi Sheng takes me to the the monastery and asks "Does Peng Peng feel happy?"
Surrounded by the smell of incense, I answered honestly "Happy, very happy." 
It's just...I can't help it but feel bad when I think that these happiness came at the price of all those other women spending the rest of their lives at the monastery.

Qi Sheng asks "This monastery is the very one they (the concubines) joined. Would you like to see them?"
After a short pause, I finally shook my head "No, I don't think so."
Qi Sheng laughs and whispers as he lean close "Good thing you don't want to see them. If you did, I wouldn't have anyway to conjure them out of nothing." 
Dumbfounded, I look at him without understanding. 
Qi Sheng smiles, pats my hair and softly explains "Peng Peng, how can I stand to have your conscience suffer? Them...I let them all go. Even though I couldn't promise riches and splendor for life but I did let them choose the kind of lives them wanted to live."

Heaving a sigh, Qi Sheng pulls me out of the monastery. When we got back to the palace, Qi Sheng's mood suddenly got chipper and he turns to tell me "Our twentieth year will be here soon. I am going to prepare a surprise for you birthday this year." 

I nodded. Since I was especially happy because of what happened that morning, I decided to be extra "considerate" that night. Qi Sheng refuses to admit that he is not a young buck anymore...which meant the next morning he was late for the morning court...again. 

Before my birthday, Qi Sheng went on a hunting trip after telling me that he is going to catch a few white foxes for me as my gift. 

I actually don't care for animal fur too much, but since he seems so enthused I nodded and replies "Remember your words, don't give me empty promises."

He smiles as he nods then rides away.

Half of a month later, an express message came to the palace and said that Qi Sheng died from falling off his horse. My body froze. With the last remaining thought while I lost complete control over my body I thought to myself "This sure it's a surprise." 

By this point, the crown prince is already grown and has been helping Qi Sheng with court duties for many years. Therefore, even though the news brought sorrow but there were no chaos. With his brothers, the crown prince held Qi Sheng's funeral and ascends to the throne. 

That meant I moved as well and finally became the empress dowager. (In case this wasn't as obvious in the show, Peng Peng's goal has always been to become the empress dowager.) 

After twenty years, I can finally sit on that empress dowager seat. Yet, how come my heart feels no joy but only the desire to sob out loud? 
However, the tears refuses to come. Instead, there seems to be something pressing down on my heart.

Trying to console myself, I reasoned that after living with Qi Sheng for twenty years, I should feel some emotions ...much like one would feel towards a pet, so it is entirely reasonable that I would feel sorrow towards the loss of a human being. If I can just get over this period then everything will get better. 
As the empress dowager, the emperor is my own son and there is no mother-in-law to reign over me so as long as I don't betray the country, I figure no one else would dare to tell me what to do. 

In my head, I started thinking once I started feeling better, I am going to go built a big house somewhere nice. I could even bring in some pretty servants, so it will add to the view. 

I even thought that since I am really not that old, to avoid hormonal imbalance I should secretly get a few male concubines...of course this needs to be done very quietly because after all I need to be mindful of my emperor son's reputation.

I had plenty of grandiose plans for my future but my body seems to be against me and refuses to get out of the bed no matter what.

The eldest princess came in to keep my company but got concerned when she saw me doing nothing but eating and sleeping. Alarmed by my refusal to get off the bed, all my children knelt around my bedside and plead with me to stop mourning so their father wouldn't be sad in the heavens.

Qi Sheng being sad in the heavens?! He has been dead for two whole moths, he has probably reincarnated into some baby by now.

Still, looking at all of my kneeling and pleading kids, my heart softened and I tell them "Go back. I am going to get better soon. So don't worry anymore."

The emperor is after all a ruler with a bit more shrewdness in him so he immediately cried "As long as mother won't see a physician and get the proper medication then we won't get up from the floor."

With no way out of it, I compromised and told them to summon the palace physicians so they would go their ways.

The palace physician came right away but ended up kneeling on the floor with sweat rolling down their face.

Puzzled, I asked "Is it some incurable disease?"

Shaking like a leaf, the physician stutters "no...no..."

Even more confused, I asked "So why are you shaking?"

Continuing to stutter, the palace physician replies "Empress dowager... is pregnant."

Stunned, I closed my eyes for a moment and finally whispered "You can go now. Don't say anything to anyone, not even to the emperor." 

After giving me a bow, the palace physician leaves. 

Laying on the bed, my mouth is filled with a bitter taste. Qi Sheng died without a worry but left me baby. How am I suppose to tell my sons and daughters about this?

The second day, Prince Zhao comes to see me and with a mischievous smile tells me "I know how to cure you of this illness."
Confused, I asked "How?"

Turning to the door, Prince Zhao claps a few times and right away someone completely covered in a cloak walks in. 

Giving me a smile, Prince Zhao promises "This person will cure sister-in-law's illness for sure. Okay, I will take my leave now." Finished with his declaration, Prince Zhao immediately walks out of the door and even closed it behind him.  

Looking at the hidden meaning behind Prince Zhao's words...did he bring the newly minted empress dowager a male concubine? In broad day light? Prince Zhao sure have a lot of guts. Isn't he afraid that Qing Sheng would be so angry that he would climb out of his tomb? 
Standing by the door, the man takes off his hooded hat and raised his head. Revealing a handsome face, he grins and asks "Peng Peng, You are finally the empress dowager. Are you satisfied?" 

Sitting up abruptly, I look at him in astonishment, unable to say a word. 

Laughing, He asks "Does this count as a surprise?"
Dumbfounded, I sat until things starts to get blurry before I finally snaps back to reality and nods "Yap, it really it's a surprise."

Looking at Qi Sheng's bright smile, I continue "Qi Sheng. It's always polite to reciprocate, so let me give a present in return. Alright?" 
Surprised, Qi Sheng raises his eyebrow and asks "What surprise?" 
Giving him an equally bright grin, I answer "This empress dowager...is pregnant."   
  Other Interesting Bits From The Novel:

  • In the novel, Qi Sheng actually was the one that chose not to marry Ying Yue. Due to some court intrigue Qi Sheng had come to an agreement with Prince Zhao in order to secure his status as the crown prince.
  • Prince Zhao had been Qi Sheng's confidant but Prince Zhao did end up resenting Qi Sheng when he couldn't get Ying Yue to give up on Qi Sheng. So the whole assassination attempt by Prince Zhao did happen but it was just more a way to vent his anger instead of a serious attempt on Qi Sheng's life. 
  • The scene of Ying Yue being a hostage happened in the novel as well but instead of hesitating, it wasn't a hard decision for Qi Sheng to choose between his men or Ying Yue's life but Peng Peng ended up stopping him from killing Ying Yue.  

  • Prince Zhao was the one that rescued Ying Yue and brought her back. Thanks to Lu Li who "cried" in front of Peng Peng (but within ear shot of Qi Sheng) that Ying Yue will steal her husband's heart so she can come back as Peng Peng's maid soon, Qi Sheng quickly ordered Ying Yue to be sent away. (By this time, Prince Zhao didn't care about Ying Yue anymore.)
  • Qi Sheng not only finds out quite quickly that Peng Peng is not his wife BUT he also later starts to suspect Peng Peng's gender. (I guess the whole ogling his concubines gave it away.)  Fearing what Qi Sheng would do if he finds out the truth, Peng Peng had assured Qi Sheng that she is a woman in her past life. You do get the feeling that Qi Sheng probably knows that Peng Peng is lying and that's why he remained VERY jealous of Lu Li. 
  • In the novel, Peng Peng's soul was actually supposed to be a girl anyway but due to a mistake by a minor god, Peng Peng's soul was sent to a man's body. So to correct the mistake the god had put Peng Peng's soul back to her rightful body. (The old Peng Peng actually went to the modern time and into Peng Peng's old body.)
  • Instead of being the Romeo he was in the drama, the 9th Prince only had his eyes on the throne and used Peng Peng's secret (the soul switch) as a way to form a partnership with Peng Peng. Which meant, Peng Peng never trusted the 9th Prince and there were really no romance between them. Well...the 9th Prince might have felt something at the end but certainly not enough to sacrifice his emperor dream. 
  • Oh, one last thing. Remember Yang Yan? In the novel he helped the 9th Prince escape from jail as well but he had no part of betraying the military secret and told Peng Peng that if he knew the 9th Prince would go so far then he would've never helped him.  

I Have A Lover Episode 39-40 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 39 Recap By Ninja
Swallowing her panic as she sits in the ambulance with the unconscious Baek Seok, Hae Gang notices the piece of paper he is holding in his hand. Carefully extracting the paper, Hae Gang is horrified when she reads the familiar note from her stalker that reads "I Will Kill You."

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Go Princess Go- Third ending on Valentines' Day?!

So apparently the drama gods does exist OR maybe a lot of angry viewers can actually work miracles, producers of Go Princess Go has confirmed that they will be releasing a THIRD ENDING on Valentines' Day. 
Thanks to some pictures provided by sharp eyed netizens, we have what appears to be Peng Peng planting a big'o kiss on Qi Sheng in the modern time. 

According to the director and the producers, they were going with the idea of heart wrenching endings in order to leave a lasting impression on their viewers...but since neither of the endings went over too well with the viewers (you think?) they have decided that third time it's a charm. 

Yeah!!! Doing my happy dance... I wish they just did it right the first time but oh, well. Better late than never. 

Marry Me or Not? Episode 13 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 13 Recap By Ninja
Preshow bit: Surrounded by a group of taunting girls, things are about to get really bad for the young Vivienne. Just when it looks like Vivienne might have to take on the group of girls on her own, Sheng Nan suddenly shows up out of nowhere as Vivienne's champion. With stars in her eyes as she stares at Sheng Nan who grabbed her hand to run away from the bullies, Vivienne's heart starts to imagine the possibility of having a best friend of her own. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bromance Episode 15 Recap

Bromance Episode 15 Recap By Ninja
Shaking both of their head as they look at the button (the one Daddy Du was holding when he was found), both Daddy Nan and Qing Yang agrees that the button is not one they recognize. Volunteering himself, Qing Yang gets Zi Feng's permission to find the button's owner.

Changing subject when he realizes there are some conflicts between Zi Feng and Han Sheng, Daddy Nan reminds Zi Feng that as the leader of their three families he needs to make sure they are united. Despite having good naturally listened to Daddy Nan's reprimands, Zi Feng nonetheless tells Ya Nuo that the moment Han Sheng ignored his warning and tried to harm her he has already gone too far to be forgiven.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode 31-36 (The End)

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Go Princess Go Up to Episode 20: HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 21-30:HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 31
Exasperated when she wakes up to realize Yang Yan has carries her off with the mistaken belief that he is "saving" her, Peng Peng hurries off to continue her mission of saving Qi Sheng. Puzzled by Peng Peng's determination to find Qi Sheng, it finally dawns on Yang Yan that Peng Peng might have fallen in love with Qi Sheng the emperor.

Determined that Qi Sheng must die in order to keep the 9th Prince safe, Yang Yan wrestles the antidote from Peng Peng's grasp and flings it into a mud hole. With complete disregard for herself, Peng Peng throws herself into the mud hole and after some frantic searching finally lets out a sigh of relief when she finds the antidote bottle.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #64

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #64
The Adventure for Love (Chinese Drama, New)

Boy, this was THE week for new dramas. There were so many out that I didn't know where to start first. Fortunately...or unfortunately, while there were many choices there were only a few that kept my interest after the first episode.

The Adventure of Love is modern romance mix with a heavy dose of mystery and fantasy. I only checked out the first episode and while the fantasy part of the story was intriguing I wasn't interested enough to keep watching. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 2 Recap & 2nd Impression

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 2 Recap by Ninja
Relieved and maybe a bit disappointed to realize Ayumu has no recollection of the kiss the night before, Michio asks Ayumu who Haruko is.

Stiffening to hear the name, Ayumu insists that his drunken self must've been saying the English word Falcon not Haruko.
Haruko is actually the flower lady that has been texting Ayumu about bringing flowers by and judging by how easily influenced Ayumu is by those texts, something is definitely up. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 38 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 38 Recap By Ninja
Deciding to ignore all of the obstacles separating them... at least for the night, Hae Gang and Jin Eon leaves work while holding hands. Determined to have the stolen moment they've planned despite an unfortunate run in with President Choi, our two leads spent the rest of the night shopping and cooking dinner like an ordinary married couple.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Marry Me or Not? Episode 12 Recap

Merry Me or Not? Episode 12 Recap By Ninja
This week is Vivienne's turn to have a conversation with the young Justin. Scratching his head in confusion, a young Justin confesses to Vivienne that he met a girl the other day and he has been dying to get to know her... but everyone is telling him the girl is bad news. "But I don't believe them...or myself."

With a small smile, Vivienne replies "Because you believe her."
Surprised that Vivienne would know his answer, the young Justin is moved when Vivienne tells him that she used to be just like that girl - always pretending to not care when people misunderstands her because it is easier to abandon first than wait to be abandoned."

Thoughtful after listening to Vivienne, Justin vows "I have decided. No matter what happens, I will stay by her side, protect her and trust her."

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bromance Episode 14 Recap

Bromance Episode 14 Recap By Ninja
Losing control after watching the surveillance footage of Han Sheng ordering his minion to temper with the breaks in Ya Nao's van, Zi Feng finds Han Sheng and beats him up with a billiards ball. Stopping at the last minute before his delivers his last punch, Zi Feng stares at Han Sheng's defiant expression and tells him "My debt to your father is paid." (I am assuming because he didn't do much worse or kill him.)  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode Summary Ep.21-30

Episode Summary 8-20:HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 21 By Ninja
Noticing the "unique" looking pouch hanging on the 9th Prince's waist right away, Qi Sheng keeps drinking without saying anything. Walking back into the dinner party after giving Prince Zhao a pep talk (to get over Ying Yue), Peng Peng notices right away the tension between the two men but gets distracted when Lu Li confesses to her that she had just beat Prince Zhao up...again.

Friday Drama Round Up #63

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up
Moorim School (Korean Drama, New)

Lots of beautiful people, plenty of young romances and tons of fighting with a touch of magic...count me in! Other than the fear that the romance plot is more like a merry-go-round, I am liking this one a lot and am tentatively putting it on my watch list. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 1 Recap & First Impression

Drama: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (ダメな私に恋してください)
Country: Japan
Airs: Tuesday

Synopsis: Unemployed and with no job opportunity in sight, 30 year old Michio resorts to starving herself in order to keep supporting her much younger boyfriend. Bumping into her ex-manager Ayumu by accident, the last thing Michio wants is to start working with the man that used to give her nightmares...until Ayumu offers to feed her.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 36-37 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 36
Running right into Hae Gang after she just made a deal with Tae Seok to destroy both of our two leads, Seol Ri calmly informs Hae Gang "I will become the thorn by your side this time. I have given everything up. It's not about Sunbae (Jin Eon) anymore. Let's go all the way to the end and see which one of our sins are bigger. Let's receive our punishment according to our sin." 
I guess Seol Ri is not getting the hint Hae Gang keeps trying to give her "Forget everything else! Get a life and focus on yourself instead." 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Marry Me or Not Episode 11 Recap

Marry Me or Not Episode 11 Recap By Ninja
This week's pre-show bit: A much younger Vivienne dressed in her student uniform confesses to Justin (one from the current time line) that she can't forget the boy (young Justin) she met the other day and has tried to show up at the same place in hopes that she could meet him again. Disappointed that the boy hasn't show up since, Vivienne looks up hopefully as Justin assures her that she will meet that boy again.

In fact, Justin tells Vivienne that the boy has liked her for a very long time but he himself doesn't even know it. Looking at Vivienne sincerely, Justin pleads "When you meet him again, he will say a lot of hurtful things, criticize you and even tell you he doesn't like you, but all those things are not true...because he likes you, a lot."

Monday, January 11, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode Summaries Up To Ep. 20

Go Princess Go Episode Summaries By Ninja

Episode 1-8 Overview: HERE

Go Princess Go Episode 9
 9th prince wakes up from his fever and is moved to see how tirelessly Peng Peng has worked through the night to take care of him. Equally impressed with the 9th prince's disregard for his own safety to protect her, Peng Peng tells the 9th prince that they both need to be careful since Qi Sheng has already shown his willingness to kill them. (The 9th prince has told Peng Peng that Qi Sheng is the one that sent the assassins after her.)

Rather stunned to find an injured Qi Sheng by the river, Peng Peng tries to play the part of a doting wife but it is obvious from the tension between the two brothers that Qi Sheng is not fooled at all. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #62

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #62
Cheese in the Trap (Korean Drama, New)
This show is based on a webtoon of the same name and boy, I love the character set ups in this one. 

Synopsis: A hard working student who is barely making enough to stay in collage, our heroine's life becomes difficult when she gloriously becomes the first person in her school to see past the smiling mask of our hero. Knowing full well that the popular sunbae everyone flocks to is the very one that has been strategically making her school life unbearable, our heroine is thoroughly confused when the hero suddenly starts to be suspiciously friendly towards her. 

I am loving Park Hae Jin's character in this one, (let's all agree to ignore why in heaven I find such a scary hero interesting) and after watching the first two episodes I have great hopes that this one would turn out to be a winner. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Go Princess Go Episode 1-8 First Impression

Drama: Go Princess Go (太子妃升職記)
Episodes: 35 (20-30 minutes long)
Country: China

Synopsis: Based on a web novel of the same name, Go Princess Go follows the story of a self proclaimed playboy suddenly finding himself plucked from the modern time and into the body of a princess in ancient China. Trapped in a woman's body but with the soul of a Casanova, how is our heroine (or...hero??) going to survive as the wife of a crown prince?

Episode 1-8 Overview

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 34-35 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 34-35 Recap By Ninja
In contrast to the hatred he has towards Hae Gang, Shil Il Sang is filled with remorse every time he encounters Jin Eon and thus loses some of his vengeful manner when Jin Eon insists on joining in on the meeting. 

Unable to swallow the anger that is bubbling up inside her when Shil Il Sang tearfully declares that he has paid his debt for killing Eun Sol (Hae Gang's daughter) by repenting everyday while he was in prison, Hae Gang forces Jin Eon to let her speak to Shil Il Sang alone. Locking Jin Eon out of her office, a bitter Hae Gang yells at Shil Il Sang that he has no right to forgive himself and demands to know why he didn't kill her instead of her innocent daughter. Overwhelmed by his resentment towards Hae Gang for taking away his company and family, Shil Il Sang screams that he is going to kill Hae Gang then himself in order to end everything for good. Perhaps hoping Shil Il Sang would actually end her life, Hae Gang doesn't struggle as Shil Il Sang's hands close around her neck. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016