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Monday, February 29, 2016

Bromance Episode 19 Special!

Bromance Episode 19 Special! By Ninja
I was really hoping the special would be chock full of deleted scenes, but what we got instead was a speedy review of how Ya Nuo and Zi Feng fell in love. Once I got over the initial disappointed however, I found myself enjoying the hour quite a bit. 

Dang, I have forgotten how great this show was at creating heart skipping scenes back when our two leads' feelings were still unconfirmed. 
One scene I really appreciated was when Zi Feng found out about Ya Nuo's secret and connecting that particular scene to him comforting a sobbing Ya Nuo. I remembered back when I watched the scene of Ya Nuo sobbing over Zhe Rui's "betrayal" it didn't make any sense how Zi Feng would pop up out of nowhere to comfort Ya Nuo but with the two scenes connected it makes a whole lot more sense now. 

Still, I was REALLY hoping the writer would at least give us some scenes of Zi Feng's reaction after he finds out Ya Nuo is a girl but no such luck.
Just when I despair thinking that there weren't going to be any deleted scenes then the show did end up giving as a few clips. 

Deleted Scene#1 I believe this one is where Zi Feng took Ya Nuo to a night viewing spot. In the original scene I don't remember all the other couples around so there were of course no scene of Ya Nuo getting shy either. 
Deleted Scene #2 
While Na Na and Qing Yang are out shopping for their bunny Na Na's leg suddenly starts to hurt and Qing Yang ends up having to piggy back her home. 

Na Na's illness coming back was kinda sudden so this scene makes it a lot more reasonable. 
Deleted Scene #3

I think this scene was a deleted one...at least I don't remember it but then I am not the most attentive when it comes to Na Na and Qing Yang's story. 

Worried about her ability to really promise Qing Yang a happy ever after when her illness could come back anytime, Na Na confesses her concerns to Qing Yang. Kneeling down in front of Na Na, Qing Yan assures her that even if tomorrow is uncertain at least they have today to be together. 
Deleted Scene #4

This one is just a small scene of Ya Nuo and Zi Feng's friends showing up with their wedding clothes. 
The best part of this special is probably the BTS. How hilarious is that Megan Lai was so shy when the director AND Baron Chen keep trying to teach her how to be more fierce during the last kissing scene.  
Tired after practicing their kissing repeatedly down the hallway, Baron Chen gets in a fun mood and has Megan Lai do a impromptu horror movie with him. Crawling on the floor, Baron Chen tells Megan Lai to drag his feet and imagines that the door to their hotel room would crack just a bit with his hand reaching out. However, before he could escape to freedom another hand would suddenly drag him back into the room and the door would slam shut. 
I guess this is really goodbye! Sob... 

ps. I didn't catch this the first time through but the hotel room number during the last kissing scene actually had a meaning. The room was 1314 which sounds like "For life and for ever" so a truly a happy ever after for Ya Nuo and Zi Feng.  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Love Song Episode 1-3 Recap & First Impression

Taiwanese Daily: The Love Song (大人情歌)
Episodes: 70 +

Synopsis: Our heroine is a very lonely married woman who is reunited with her collage ex-boyfriend after 10 years and finds out that her ex-boyfriend is actually gay. The gay part is a misunderstanding but it looks like it will be the reason that makes our two leads become friends once again.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #69

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #69
The Love Song (Taiwanese Drama, New, Daily)

This new T-daily should have plenty of familiar faces to those who watch Taiwanese dramas. There are no big names necessarily, but is still fun to see Vivi Lee and Darren Chiu who usually get stuck in the supporting roles to be the leads this time.

Vivi Lee plays a very lonely married woman who is reunited with her collage ex-boyfriend after 10 years and finds out that her ex-boyfriend is actually gay. The gay part is a misunderstanding but it looks like it will be the reason that makes our two leads become friends once again.

I will be writing a first impression on this one soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 47-48 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 47 Recap By Ninja
Rushing to the police station when he gets a phone call informing him that someone has turned over evidence that proves Tae Seok is still alive, it doesn't take much for Jin Eon to figure out that Hae Gang must have been the one to track down his brother-in-law once he sees Baek Seok.

Perhaps frustrated by Hae Gang's determination to protect Jin Eon with complete disregard for herself, Baek Seok reminds Jin Eon that despite Hae Gang's smiling face she is secretly crying in pain. Furious as he realizes Hae Gang has only been putting on a brave act in front of him while showing her pain to Baek Seok, Jin Eon can hardily suppress the fury in his voice when Hae Gang calls him on the phone.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nia Xiao Qian Episode 1 Recap & First Impression

Name: Nie Xiao Qian (聶小倩)

Synopsis: A modern retelling of a well known Chinese fantasy story about a female ghost who tries to kill a scholar but ends up falling in love with him instead. The original story is set in ancient China but in this version all the characters have been given a second chance to continue their story in the modern time...except the scholar has been reincarnated and he no longer remembers the heroine. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bromance Episode 18 (End) Recap

Bromance Episode 18 (End) Recap By Ninja
I am going to save the best for last, so let's wrap up our secondary characters' story line first. 

Her heart broken after eavesdropping on Qing Yang's conversation with her dad, Na Na runs away from home believing that Qing Yang was only dating her out of pity. With no where to go, Na Na ends up at her old house and is stunned to find her father sitting alone and crying silent tears as he watches old home videos of her mother.

Speechless when he realizes why Na Na ran away from home, Daddy Nan tells his daughter of Qing Yang's firm declaration that she is the person he wants to take care of for the rest of his life.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #68

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Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #68
Choco Bank (Korean web drama)

Web drama has been more miss than hit for me but this one is surprisingly cute and fun. The story is about our two leads who started their working life with great expectations...only to fail miserably. Because of a misunderstanding, our hero ends up having to repay a debt to the heroine by working in her cafe and soon both of our leads realize they could accomplish a lot more together than alone.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 45-46 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 45-46 Recap
Psych! President Choi actually didn't die in last week's episode...but he does still end up dying within the first ten minutes of episode 45. Completely focused on her "dead" husband, Jin Li finally gets word about her father and rushes to the hospital. Putting on an uncaring expression, Jin Li jeers as Mama Choi and Jin Eon tell her that President Choi has been holding on just to see her one last time. Despite all the resentment that Jin Li harbors against President Choi, Jin Li still breaks down in sobs when her father really takes his last breath the moment she touches his hand.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bromance Episode 17 Recap

Bromance Episode 17 Recap By Ninja
At first unwilling to believe that the cuff link really belongs to Daddy Wu, Zi Feng soon realizes that he has no choice but to face the truth. 

Walking into the temple where he once sworn brotherhood with his two best friends, Daddy Wu takes one look at the all too familiar faces and quickly catches on that he or rather Han Sheng's crime has been found out. 

Not mincing words, Daddy Wu readily confesses to killing Qing Yang's parents and harming Daddy Du because he was trying to keep his drug use as a secret. Not flinching as an angry Mama Du slaps him twice, Daddy Wu stoic expression finally breaks down just a tiny bit when he walks over to Daddy Du. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #67

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #67
Heaven's Promise (K-daily)
This one is still stuck in the back story stage. If the synopsis is correct then other than the few glimpses of the hero we haven't even really met the heroine yet. While I was really hoping the show could've skipped over the long back story but at least the show has been fairly intriguing thus far. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 43 & 44 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 43 By Ninja
Feeling the prison wall closing around him already as the evidence of his crimes keep popping up everywhere, Tae Seok begs President Choi for help. While President Choi is is busy with Tae Seok, Hae Gang is sitting at the prosecutor office and using the documents Jin Eon gave her, is able to "convince" the prosecutor to actually do his job instead of covering up President Choi's crimes.

The prosecutor is Driver Kim's son (President Choi's chauffeur). 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bromance Wrap Up Party

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 Sigh! I guess we all knew the end must come, but I really don't want the cute to end!!

On Feb 5th, the Bromance casts held their wrap up party and even had a brief interview.

In the interview, our two leads decided to have an air kiss via Qing Yang. Poor Qing Yang...Baron Cheng and Megan Lai were obviously more comfortable with the press and knew exactly what to do to please their fans.  

By the way, Baron Chen posted some spoiler pictures on his social media so scroll down if you are not the type to worry about spoilers!

You are sure right?! Spoilers!!! 

Ninja's Chinese New Year Goal

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Happy Chinese New Year!!! 

To be honest, I am actually feeling a bit lost with all the T-drama taking a break for the Chinese New Year festivities...but then I guess it gives me time to start thinking about what my new year's goal ought to be. 

Other than my usual yearly goal to eat better, exercise, be better to my family I have been trying to decide if 2016 is the year I should finally get started on learning Korean. The problem is of course that I do terribly with memorization and pretty much zone out whenever grammar is mentioned...so...I have decided to start out really small by just picking out some vocabulary from K-drama's OST twice a month and hopefully as I listen to the songs the vocabulary will stick in my mind. 

So, with that in mind, would any of you out there want me to post those K-drama song vocab up when I start doing them for myself? 

One additional question. I have noticed a few of the readers who are trying to learn Mandarin. Would those Mandarin learner be interested in future posts of C-drama and T-drama song with useful vocabs listed? 

ps. Do share if you have any tips on language learning! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #66

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #66
 Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (Japanese Drama)
This one continues to be cute. The plot doesn't move very fast at all but I actually like the slow pace for once, it has a very homey feel to it. 
Signal (Korean Drama)
A completely depressing drama...BUT so addicting. This one has the same premise as Frequency the movie, where two men are able to communicate with one another through time thanks to their hand held radio communicator. Our hero is a young cop who realizes that he can change history as he communicate with another cop from 1989...but our hero quickly finds out that changing history doesn't always guarantee a good ending.
Chronicle of Life (Chinese Drama, New)
Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang's new C-historical drama. I usually try to check out Hawick Lau's drama but this one looks EPIC with lots of melo...so no thank you.
Heaven's Promise (Korean Daily, New)
The new revenge k-daily about a girl taking on the identity of her deceased twin sister in order to avenge her death. I haven't check this one out yet, but am planning to soon.

Madame Antoine (Korean Drama)
This one seems to have everything going for it but for some strange reason it is simply not keeping my attention. Weird...

One More Happy Ending (Korean Drama)
One of my favorite show right now! So hilarious yet the romance is sweet as well. Jung Kyoung Ho's acting is just awesome as always.
 Mars (Japanese Drama, New)
For those who either have read the manga Mars or seen Vic Chou's Taiwanese drama Mars, here is the Japanese version of it. While Mars is a romance set in high school but it does deal with some pretty dark materials so don't go into this one expecting comedy.
Beautiful Secret (Chinese Drama, Finished)
I finished watching this one this week. While Beautiful Secret had some good potential going in I am sad to report that it got pretty melo toward the end. I wish the writer had spent a whole lot more time on the sweet romance between the two leads instead of the villains but that's kinda what happens with C-dramas sometimes.

Goodies but Oldies
Smile, You (Korean Family Drama)
Episodes: 45
Aired: 2009
Country: Korea

Synopsis: This is a story about two very unlikely family living under one roof and having to learn how to get along. The Seo family had been used to living in a luxury of wealth...until they are bankrupted and had no choice but to move into their chauffeur's house. Jung Kyung Ho plays the chauffeur's son while Lee Min Jung is the youngest daughter of the once wealthy Seo family. 
Smile You, is the first drama where I took notice of Jung Kyung Ho because I was so impressed with his acting here. At first glance, Jung Kyung Ho's hero in Smile You is not the most attractive character because instead of your usual cool and smart hero, this particular character is kinda bumbling and awkward. However, as the the story progresses, Jung Kyung Ho was able to bring out the masculinity when you least expected that makes this hero suddenly seem so attractive. 
The only complaint I remember about Smile You is that I didn't quite cared for the secondary characters but other than that, it was a good solid family drama. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Have A Lover Episode 41 & 42 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 41 By Ninja
Called to the police station to personally identify Tae Seok's minion as the one who tried to killed her before, Yong Gi is furious when she sees Tae Seok telling the police that the Pudoxin victims are just a bunch of crazies.

No less furious when he spots Yong Gi, the two nemesis decide to have a "talk" with one another. Leaning close to Yong Gi in a threatening manner, Tae Seok warns Yong Gi to leave his precious brother since Kyu Seok is only being nice because he feels guilty for what Tae Seok did.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marry Me or Not? Episode 14 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 14 Recap By Ninja
Preshow bit: In a flash back we see Justin and Vivienne painting on the wall. As Vivienne teasingly tells Justin not to look at her drawing, in a voice over we hear Justin's heartfelt words "It's not that I have change my feelings towards marriage. But if the person I am marrying it's you then I am not afraid anymore. I simply can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else."