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Happy Home Episode 9-10 Recap

Happy Home Episode 9-10 Recap By Ninja
Completely convinced that Se Ri's baby must be his dead younger brother reincarnated, an overjoyed Daddy Bong confesses his conviction to his brother. Looking at the two similar baby pictures Daddy Bong gave him, Uncle Bong admits that the babies do look very alike but secretly believes that Daddy Bong is just imagining things because of his grief over their younger brother's death. 

Caught between his joy of having his "younger brother" back and his need to still pretend that he dislikes this illegitimate grandson, Daddy Bong tries to sneak a kiss on the baby's face while his wife is sleeping. Stunned when they catch Daddy Bong leaning towards the baby with puckered lips, the Bong family falsely assumes that Daddy Bong must've been trying to kiss his wife. Embarrassed yet trapped by the need to keep up his pretense of disliking Se Ri and her baby, Daddy Bong could only swallow the truth and allow his family to think what they will. 
Gleeful once she realizes that Daddy Bong has taken a liking to the baby, Se Ri tricks Daddy Bong and Mi Soon into meeting each other at the bathhouse so Mi Soon can see with her eyes how her father-in-law has fallen head over heels in love with her son. 

A side note: Mama Bong was so shocked to see her husband that she took a step towards him but slips on some water and ends up pulling Daddy Bong's pants down for all to see. 
At first severely hurt by her father-in-law's betrayal, Mi Soon becomes thoughtful once Uncle Bong tells her about the pain his brother has harbored all these years over their younger brother's death and of Daddy Bong's belief that their younger brother has actually reincarnated as Se Ri's baby. 

Making up her mind, Mi Soon calls for a family meeting and declares that she is willing to raise Se Ri's baby as her own. Looking at the shocked face all around, Mi Soon continues as she looks at Se Ri "So it's time for you to leave my home."
In this hour, Hae Won (heroine's little sister) and her love interest Kang Min continues to dislike each other on sight. In fact Hae Won has even gone as far as submitting an anonymous letter on the company web site about Kang Min. Unfortunately for Hae Won, it didn't take much for Kang Min to figure who wrote the anonymous letter and confronts her triumphantly when Hae Won needed his help to save a work project. 

We haven't seen a lot of this couple yet BUT it looks like things are about to get interesting since Mama Bong just had a pregnancy dream. Mama Bong had assumed it must be Hae Ryung that is pregnant but obviously that's not possible so I am guessing it must be Hae Won. 
STILL clueless that Madam Jang is planning to use him to get rid of Hae Ryung, Ji Gun has a polite but very unpleasant confrontation with Madam Jang when she uses his patient (Yu Hao) as a publicity stunt for herself without any regard for the little boy's health concerns. 

Seething that Ji Gun would dare to call her out for her selfish deeds, Madam Jang forces herself to tolerate Ji Gun's presence for the time being since he is a vital part of her evil plan.  
Happy...and perhaps with some desperation, Hae Ryung welcomes Madam Jang's suggestion of taking care of Yu Hao not only because the little boy is around the same age as her son but she needed something to distract herself from her husband's betrayal. 

As Madam Jang hoped, united in their effort to take care of their little patient Hae Ryung and Ji Gun starts to see each other regularly at the hospital. 
Unable to shake off the image of seeing his wife smiling happily with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki is not pleased at all when Hae Ryung becomes involved in Yu Hao's care. Angry when Hae Ryung tries to leave an important dinner party just because Yu Hao hasn't woken up from his operation, Hyun Ki grabs her arm to stop her from leaving. 

Turning her cold gaze on Hyun Ki, Hae Ryun frees her arm and tells him "I did tell you I will try for our marriage but that doesn't mean I am willing to obey your every wish and live without a soul like I did before." 
Unable to go into the intensive care, a worried Hae Ryung wonders around the hospital while waiting for Yu Hao to regain consciousness. Walking into the kids play area, Hae Ryung is surprised when she finds Ji Gun huddling in the corner. Her heart melting into a puddle (well, mine was...so hers must be) when Ji Gun looks up at her with tear stained face and says in broken voice "Yu Hao ...might not wake up...it's my fault again." Hae Ryung puts a comforting hand on Ji Gun's arm. 
Wrapping her arms around Ji Gun naturally when Ji Gun leans towards her, Hae Ryun pats his back slowly. 
Already furious when he is given an envelope containing pictures of Hae Ryung laughing with Ji Gun, Hyun Ki loses his composure when he catches his wife holding another man and drags Hae Ryung away with him. Desperate to explain, Ji Gun chases Hyun Ki down but just ended up getting punched in the face in front of the hospital staff. 
Ignoring Hae Ryung's own attempt to explain herself, Hyun Ki takes her to a hotel and tries to force himself on Hae Ryung to prove that she is his wife after all. Protesting and struggling against Hyun Ki, Hae Ryung finally gets a word in and tells him that while she has been hoping to get pregnant in order to reclaim the happy home they once had but that doesn't mean she is willing to be treated this way. 
Pushing Hyun Ki off her, Hae Ryung starts to leave but pauses and mutters "I don't know if we have anything left between us." Not looking at Hae Ryung, Hyun Ki replies "Everyone else live this way." 
Unable to do anything as he watches Hae Ryung being dragged off by her husband, Ji Gun is left worrying about her but is too scared to make a bigger mess of things by calling her. Racing off to search through the hospital when his co-worker tells him that he just spotted Hae Ryung, Ji Gun stops in his track when he sees Hae Ryung sitting forlornly by herself. 

Picking up Ji Gun's phone call after a moment of hesitation, Hae Ryung assures him that she is doing quite well. Staring at Hae Ryung with pain in his eyes, Ji Gun replies "You really are a good liar." Turning around in surprise to find Ji Gun standing a short distance away, Hae Ryung smiles and assure him again "It wasn't a lie. I am really okay." Looking at each other in the semi-darkness, Hae Ryung and Ji Gun quietly apologize to each other for what happened earlier that night. 
Apparently not fooled by his mother's words that Young Eun has left, Hyun Ki guessed right away that she is the one behind the mysterious envelope with his wife's photos. Unmoved by Young Eun's taunting words that suggest Hae Ryung is cheating on him, Hyun Ki informs Young Eun "It's over between us. I told you from the beginning that it would end when you stepped over the line." Not defeated by Hyun Ki's declaration, Young Eun simply says "You know in the end you will come back. The sad truth is that there is only one person in this world you can trust...and that's me, Lee Young Eun." 

Called urgently to the hospital to explain the affair rumor between his wife and Ji Gun to President Lee (Hyun Ki's boss and Ji Gun's ex-father-in-law), Ji Gun quickly assures his boss that the whole thing was a misunderstanding over Ji Gun's refusal to accept their job offer.

Mindful of Young Eun's parting hint that he can force Ji Gun to accept the Medical Research Center position by bringing up Hae Ryung, Hyun Ki causally tells Ji Gun that if he wants to quiet all the rumor that is circulating around the hospital right now then he should accept the job offer. Frustrated, Ji Gun wonders what the job has anything to do with Hae Ryung but Hyun Ki answers back "What crazy guy would hire the man his wife is cheating with?" 

As Hyun Ki gets ready to leave, Ji Gun suddenly changes topic and tries to explain again that nothing is between him and Hae Ryung. Calmly replying "I know," Hyun Ki explains that his wife simply has a condition of transferring her affection when she sees any boy that reminds her of their son. In a quiet voice, Ji Gun replies "Your wife is not crazy...she is just a very warm and loving person." 
Showing up at the hospital with her mother-in-law to visit the thankfully recovering Yu Hao, Hae Ryung is visibly uncomfortable around Ji Gun as she averts her eyes every time she talks to him. Noticing Madam Jang's stiff posture as she wheels Yu Hao back into his hospital room, Hae Ryung jerks back with dismay when Madam Jang looks at her with loathing and says "You are disgusting." Dismayed to find out from the nurse that Madam Jang has heard the rumor circulating around the hospital, Hae Ryung rushes home to explain but finds herself locked out of the house.

Without the time to tell Hyun Ki what happened when he comes home, Hae Ryung tries to explain herself to Madam Jang again, but she was cut off immediately as Madam Jang smilingly tells her son that Hae Ryung was waiting outside to let him know that she wants to go back to her parents house for a while. Displeased by his mother's words, Hyun Ki gets even more angry when he walks into the bedroom to find Hae Ryung's luggage already packed. So frustrated that she actually started to laugh when Hyun Ki accuses her of packing her bags without even talking to him, Hae Ryung declares "I didn't think so before, but I realize now that you and your mother are really quite similar. Fine, that's right. I want to go home. I really want to see my mom right now." 

Ninja's Thoughts
What a horrid character Madam Jang is! But then I guess that will make it that much sweeter when she finds out that her precious son has personally made sure that she will never have grandchildren. I do find it rather ironic that while Madam Jang is so gleeful to see her son getting suspicious of Hae Ryung but on the other hand she is also displeased by the idea that Ji Gun might like her daughter-in-law. I can't quite figure out if Madam Jang is just being possessive for her son or if she just doesn't want Hae Ryung to find a better man than Hyun Ki. 
As always, I am getting pretty tired of Se Ri and just wish Mi Soon would toss her no good husband aside since Se Ri surly deserves to spend the rest of her days with a loser like that. However, it does melt my heart to see how much the Bong family means to Mi Soon and it pains me that losing her husband might mean she will lose the only family she has ever known. 
All in all, Mi Soon's plot aside, I am very satisfied with how Happy Home is progressing and feels completely grateful that I can stare at Lee Sang Woo for two hours a week! 

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Refresh Man Episode 4 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 4 Recap By Ninja
In the middle of awkwardly accepting her co-worker's compliments for her surprising success in signing the soap contract, Yu Tang is dismayed when an urgent phone call summons her home. Horrified when she goes home to find a long time neighbor demanding that her father repay the $100,000 NT he borrowed, Yu Tang is shocked to realize that they might very well lose their family's restaurant.

Walking into the Zhong household once the debt collector left, Wen Kai pretends ignorance of the whole thing and drags Yu Tang off with the excuse of taking her back to work.

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Seirei no Moribito Episode First Impression

Drama: Seirei no Moribito or Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (精霊の守り人)
Airs: Saturdays
Episodes: 22
Synopsis: Based on a popular manga of the same name. The story follows the heroine, Balsa (Ayase Haruka) as she takes on the job of being a bodyguard to a young prince. Believing that his son is possessed by a water demon, the king is determined to kill the young prince which means Balsa now has to protect the boy from a whole nation chasing after him. 

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Happy Home Episode 7-8 Recap

Happy Home Episode 7-8 Recap By Ninja
Stunned to find out that the annoying guy that he've had several unpleasant run ins with is none other than Hae Ryung's husband AND Seo Jin's father, Ji Gun's attitude towards Hyun Ki undergoes a noticeable change.

Not surprised when he comes home after his morning exercise to find Hyun Ki waiting in front of his door, Ji Gun takes the time to explain his reasons of refusing Ji Gun's offer of employment and even sincerely apologizes to Hyun Ki for the way he treated him in the past. Puzzled by Ji Gun's unexpected apology, Hyun Ki is thoughtful when Ji Gun merely explains "You are my cooking teacher's husband after all."

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Refresh Man Episode 3 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 3 Recap By Ninja
Rushing with Jia Yin (heroine's co-worker, the one that is constantly focused on her baby) to the hospital, Yu Tang looks at her co-worker with concern when she realizes that Jia Yin not only have to worry about her very sick baby but her abusive ex-husband is threatening to take her child from her.

Her compassion going into overdrive when Jia Yin worries that she will lose her baby for sure if she loses her job, Yu Tang promises Jia Yin that she will do everything she can to save the Mei Mei (the soap product) contract and ensure everyone at Department 3 can keep their job.  

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Friday Drama Round Up #72

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #72
Nightmare Teacher (Short drama, Korean, New)
Kinda of a spooky story about a substitute teacher/the demon getting his student to sign their soul away in exchange for something they desperately wanted. Obviously not an uplifting sort of show but surprisingly easy to just keep watching. 
Mrs. Cop 2 (Korean Drama) 
It's just so terrible that Kim Beom plays a psycho in this story because dang, the boy has so much chemistry with the heroine that I almost want to cheer for a noona romance. 
Heavens Promise (Korean Daily)
This one is taking SOOOO long to set up. I am still checking this one out now and then but for a show that is suppose to be a revenge drama the writer is sure taking a long time to get to the revenge part. 
Signal (Korean Drama, Finished) 
This police drama has gotten a lot of good reviews and the tight story certainly merits all the praise. I was pretty afraid that this one would end with tragedy all around but fortunately the show actually ended with several good twists and more importantly on a hopeful note. 
Goodbye Mr. Black (Korean Drama, New)
This one is billing itself as an action revenge drama about our special op hero who enters into a fake marriage to seek revenge on a his best friend that betrayed him. I haven't checked this one out yet but is planning to soon. 
 The Love Song (Taiwanese Daily) 
This T-daily sure took it's sweet time to dive into the heroine's story (16 episodes to be exact). I expected a lot of side stories since it is after all a daily but most writers don't usually spend so much time on secondary characters while leaving the two leads to the wayside. Oh, well. By episode 16 we are finally getting down to the heroine's story so I am hoping the story will pick up its pace now. 
Dame Na Watashi Ni (Japanese Drama, Finished) 
This super cute J-drama just finished this week. I wouldn't call this one addicting but it was certainly extremely cute from beginning to finish. All in all, one of those good romance I wish J-drama would put out more of. 

Ninja's Oldies But Goodies Spot Light 
Still, Marry Me (Korean Drama, 2010, 16 episodes) 

Mrs. Cop 2 made me really crave seeing Kim Beom in less...well pyscho role, so that made me think back to his 2010 noona romance drama Still, Marry Me. 
 It's probably pretty obvious from Still, Marry Me's promo poster that the show is all about three "mature" women's friendship and struggles in their love life. To be honest I don't remember much about the various life crisis the three women went through but hey I do remember one very important thing...
Kim Beom was VERY yummy looking in it. 

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Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Summary Up To Episode 10

Episode 2:HERE

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Episode 3 By Ninja 
Michio finally has her very first date with Daichi (co-worker) and everything seems to be going fabulously for our heroine. Taking note of how easy going Michio is when the server first poured a glass of water on her then brought out the wrong dish, Daichi remarks that Michio is truly a service oriented person and would make a great wife.

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Happy Home Episode 5-6 Recap

Happy Home Episode 5-6 Recap By Ninja
Resorting to using threats and pity cards to convince her father-in-law to go along with her crazy idea of bringing her husband's mistress home, Mi Soon sobs as she confesses to her parent like in-laws that this is her only chance to not lose her husband. 

Convinced that Mi Soon had dragged Se Ri home to torture her, Man Ho (Mi Soon's husband and heroine's twin brother) uses every chance to place himself as his mistress' protector ...much to his own family's frustration.