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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #78

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #78
Master of Revenge or God of Noodles (Korean Drama, New)
Chun Jung Myung's new revenge drama. Kim Sung Joo plays the super villain in tn this one and boy, is he scary. This one is still in the backstory setting up stage but all the main characters have been quite intriguing thus far. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Happy Home Episode 17-18 Recap

Happy Home Episode 17-18 Recap By Ninja
We are going to switch things up a bit this week and go over the two leads' story first since this week's episodes were more Mi Soon heavy. 

Eager to help Hae Ryung settle into her new house, Ji Gun shows up unannounced and insists on doing a bunch of "manly" tasks for our heroine...until he hurts himself and becomes Hae Ryung's assistant instead. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 3 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 3 Recap By Ninja
With full confidence that Shu Lei (heroine's friend, most popular girl of the school) will eventually forgive her for refusing to reveal the identity of the mysterious "Peter", Alice is more concerned with the fact that she has fallen in love with the school's most sought after boy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 8 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 8 Recap by Ninja
We pick up from where our two leads bend down together to pick up some fallen papers and end up being way too close. Flustered, Yu Tang mutters "Why do you always lean so close?" Equally embarrassed Wen Kai replies without thinking "I didn't do it on purpose ...this time." Confused by Wen Kai's answer Yu Tang hurries off without noticing our hero's "Why did I just say that?!" expression.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #77

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up
Entertainer (Korean Drama, New)
Ji Sung's new show! I have only checked out the first episode and while it wasn't exactly a home run right off the bat I did find it interesting enough to keep following it for now. 

First impression to follow sometime next week.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Home Episode 15-16 Recap

Happy Home Episode 15-16 Recap By Ninja
Mi Soon's story: Becoming well known even before the cooking variety show airs, Mi Soon is working double time as she tries to to practice cooking with Chul Soo on top of working at the Bong family restaurant.

Despite being mildly jealous that his daughter-in-law is getting all the attention, Daddy Bong nonetheless gives Mi Soon his permission to participate in the TV show. Worried about how popular Mi Soon is getting, Daddy Bong's little sister warns Daddy Bong "The restaurant can't function without Mi Soon so what happens when she gets too busy? Lately there are more and more customers asking for Mi Soon...she will leave eventually."  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love at Seventeen Episode 2 Recap

Love at Seventeen Episode 2 Recap By Ninja
We back track a bit from where we left off. Munching on the food Hao Yi shared with her, Alice starts to think maybe our hero is not such a big jerk after all. In a much friendlier mood now that he knows Alice is not his twin sister, Hao Yi candidly tells her about his father's passing and his suspicion that his own mother wouldn't want to see him. Looking up in surprise when he sees Alice has been moved to tears by his life story, Hao Yi is about to tease her but the room suddenly goes dark. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 7 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 7 Recap by Ninja
Despite being ecstatic as she heads back to work to share her exciting good news, Yu Tang takes time to notice the shiny new hallway her co-workers had worked so hard to clean up together to signify a new beginning for their department. Completely thrilled when Yu Tang announce that she has actually secured the YOURS contract, the whole Department Three cheers with disbelief and joy.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #76

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Friday Drama Round Up #76
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (Japanese Drama) 
New J-romance! Haven't had time to check this one out but I am always excited for new J-romances so let's hope this one will be a winner. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long Episode 1-4 First Impression

Drama: Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (武神赵子龙)
Episodes: 60
Synopsis: It must be pretty obvious from the show's name that this drama is all about our hero Zhao Zi Long. The story will follow Zi Long's life from when he loses his parents to his raise to become one of the famous war generals...with lots of fictional romance to make this whole thing interesting of course. This is also one of those C-dramas that prove world peace could be possible if we just let the drama gods have their say since most of veteran drama watchers will see plenty of familiar faces from Korea and Taiwan in this one.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Home Episode 13-14 Recap

Happy Home Episode 13-14 Recap by Ninja
Hae Wan's story: Despondent after a trip to the hospital to confirm that she really is pregnant, Hae Won explodes in anger when she meets the still clueless Kang Min by accident. With nary a worry in the world other than the fact that his father has cut off his credit card once again, Kang Min is completely puzzled when Hae Won starts venting her frustration by hitting him. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 6 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 6 Recap By Ninja
Gleeful to have the opportunity to teach Yu Tang a lesson in retribution for her unwillingness to date him in the past, Secretary Zhang mercilessly hands Yu Tang one glass after another knowing that she has to follow his wish in order to have a hope in gaining the coveted YOURS contract.

Worried about Yu Tang, Wen Kai arrives at the club and frowns when he sees Secretary Zhang with Yu Tang. After getting a waitress to lead Yu Tang away with the excuse that someone is looking for her, Wen Kai confronts Secretary Zhang and personally drinks the crazy alcoholic concoction that was meant for Yu Tang.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #75

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #75

My Little Baby (Korean Drama) 
A light comedy about cop working in the violent crimes department all the sudden forced to become a parent when his little niece is orphaned. Judging by the first episode My Little Baby is not meant to be a serious drama at all but rather a comedy so expect more humor than plot. 
Go Goal Fighting (Chinese Drama, New) 
Hu Ge's new C-drama! Another light drama but this one does have a pretty solid story going for it. 

First Impression: HERE
Jackpot (Korean Drama)
I was wowed by the first two episodes of Jackpot but unfortunately episode 3-4 wasn't quite as enthralling BUT I am going to give it at least one more week in hopes that the story would pick back up again. 
Happy Family (Korean Family Drama)
Our hero finally admits to himself that he likes the heroine!!! I LOVE Lee Sang Woo's tortured but earnest gaze whenever he looks at the heroine. I am kind of ashamed to admit while I keep saying that I like happy dramas...I still like Lee Sang Woo in roles like this one...provided he gets the girl in the end of course. 
Please Come Back, Mister (Korea Drama)
I am feeling torn about this show. The comedy is awesome and I certainly love how wacky Rain is in it, but the plot feels like an eternal mary-go-round with the two "ghosts" constantly taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to their battle against their respective nemesis. However, there are just enough laugh out loud comedy and heart warming story line to make me stick with Please Come Back, Mister to the end. 
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi (Korean Drama)
This show has turned out to be surprisingly good. I was afraid the plot would be very predicable and up to a point that is kind of true but that doesn't stop the story being good. 
I am planning to do a post on this one next week. 

Oldies but Goodies
 49 Days (Korean Drama, 2011, 20 episodes)

Synopsis: Dazed as she sees her own body being put on an ambulance, Ji Hyun becomes hopeful when an angel (played by Jung Il Woo) informs her that if she can find three people (excluding family) who will shed genuine tears for her then she will be allowed to go back to her body. At first believing that she can easily count on her fiancee and best friend to shed real tears for her, Ji Hyun soon has a rude awakening when she realizes that the fairy tale life she led was all a big lie. 
This show has two heroine really. Nam Gyu Ri plays the ghost who is trying to find three people to cry tears for her while Lee Yo Won is the woman whose body gets possessed by the ghost when she sleeps. 
I feel like it is important to warn you that this show really has two heroines and two heroes. I don't usually care for shows that has that many main characters but 49 Days had a pretty intriguing premise and I felt the writer did a good job in making the viewers move past the romance aspect of the story and really think hard about what living means ...especially to the dead. 

ps. One more warning, I wasn't super enamored with the ending but to be fair it did feel like it fit the story well. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go Goal Fighting! Episode 1-5 First Impression

Go Goal Fighting! Episode 1-5 First Impression By Ninja
Drama: Go Goal Fighting (旋風十一人)
Episodes: 35

Synopsis: Hu Ge plays a rather unconventional coach that successfully turns a second rate high school soccer team into one that could compete with the best of the best. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Home Episode 11-12 Recap

Happy Home Episode 11-12 Recap by Ninja
Stubbornly insisting on her decision to raise Se Ri's baby as her own despite her in-law's worry that she would live to regret it, Mi Soon finally convinces Daddy Bong to part with some of his savings to Se Ri so she could start a new life. Freely admitting her fear of losing her family to a very angry Se Ri, Mi Soon calmly asks her "Think about what is best for your baby." 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Refresh Man Episode 5 Recap

Refresh Man Episode 5 Recap By Ninja
Gladly accepting Zhi Yu's (2nd male lead) invitation for some coffee,Yu Tang shyly shakes her head in embarrassment when Zhi Yu recounts how Yu Tang's willingness to wipe up some spillage on the floor during a secretarial party left a deep impression on him in the past. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #74

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #74
Jackpot (Korean Drama, New) 

Jang Geun Suk's new historical drama about a peasant prince's struggle against the royal prince who grew up with everything handed to him.
I checked out the first two episodes and was pleasantly surprised that my attention was glued to the screen even though our hero only showed his face for the first five minutes during episode one. Lots of political intrigue obviously but this show has so many acting powerhouses in it that its a pure pleasure to watch them in action.