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Monday, January 2, 2017

Blow Breeze Episode 37 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 37 Recap
*Just one episode this week. 
Horrified when she spots Mi Pong's ad in the newspaper, Shin Ae calls Mama Jo frantically and screams at her to go stop Grandfather Kim from seeing the ad.  Much to Shin Ae's relief, Mama Jo manages to "accidentally" pour a cup of tea on Grandfather Kim's newspaper and successfully whisk the ad out of Grandfather Kim's room.

Fearful that Grandfather Kim would eventually see the newspaper ad, Shin Ae hires an old man to pretend to be Mi Poong's long lost grandfather. At first ecstatic to finally meet the father Daddy Kim had so desperately wanted to find, Mi Poong and Mama Kim are stunned when "Grandfather Kim" firmly tells them that he has a new family now and wants no further connection with his past.

Satisfied that Mama Kim and Mi Poong has been fooled by the fake grandfather Kim, Shin Ae shows up at Mama Kim's house to offer to send Mi Poong AND her whole family to America. Pleasantly surprised that Shin Ae would do so much for her family simply out of "kindness", Mama Kim gratefully thank Shin Ae and promises to talk to Mi Poong about the great opportunity.
Getting wind of the news that Shin Ae will probably move to America, a panicked Jang Go confronts Mi Poong about what he heard. Not bothering to tell Jang Go that she has no intention of accepting Shin Ae's "too good to be true" offer, Mi Poong reminds our hero that they are divorced so whatever she decides has nothing to do with him. Exasperated, Jang Go in turn reminds Mi Poong that they are still technically married for another month (until the divorce is finalized) and declares his intention to follow Mi Poong where ever she goes...even if that means moving to America with her.
The alive but not so well Daddy Kim finally arrives in Korea. Staring at all the tall buildings with wide innocent eyes, Daddy Kim looks at everything around him with curiosity without noticing his wife standing just a few feet away from him. Equally ignorant that her "dead" husband is actually right beside her, Mama Kim finally catches sight of Daddy Kim just as the taxi takes him away. 
Puzzled and more than a little concerned when her upset mother insists that she has seen Daddy Jo, Mi Poong gently convinces a distraught Mama Kim that she must have been mistaken. 
Utterly shocked to be informed by Daddy Jo that his son is actually alive, Grandfather Kim is overjoyed once a simple DNA test confirms the fact. Not caring at all that the gun shot wounds Daddy Jo sustained while trying to escape the North has reduced his mental age to that of a child, Grandfather Kim is just glad to be reunited with his son. 
Assuming that his "grand-daughter" would be equally overjoyed as he was, Grandfather Kim eagerly presents Daddy Jo to Shin Ae...who stares back at Daddy Jo in complete horror. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Ok, not amnesia...but this is almost worse!!! By the way, the show did reveal that Daddy Jo does have moments of clarity when he remembers everything so this makes me wonder if Daddy Jo will live long enough to be reunited with Mi Poong and Mama Kim since I am guessing Shin Ae will have at least a couple more episodes before her house of cards come crumbling down. 

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  1. Ok so yeah, not as bad as amnesia but still infuriating. I just want everyone to get their comeuppance though I know we don't always get that either. However I'm happy that maybe this might open up the Mama Kim and Daddy Jo love line again... yay!