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Monday, January 9, 2017

Blow Breeze Episode 38-39 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 38-39 Recap
Terrified when she comes home to find her "father" staring at her Shin Ae thought for sure her lies are about to exposed until she realizes that something is not quite right with Daddy Kim's mind. Quickly turning her horrified expression to one of tearful amazement, Shin Ae rushes towards a puzzled Daddy Kim and loudly declares how thankful she is to see him alive.

Already nervous to have Daddy Kim living in the same house with her, Shin Ae is shaken even more when she gets up one night to find Daddy Kim in his rare moments of clarity. Overwhelmed with fear to find himself in an unfamiliar environment and obviously still suffering from psychological trauma of his dangerous escape from the North, Daddy Kim violently grabs Shin Ae as he demands to know where his daughter is. Unfortunately, Daddy Kim's moment of clarity ended just as quickly as it started so by the time everyone in the house rushed out of their rooms Daddy Kim has reverted back to his previous self.
While Daddy Kim is enjoying his long overdue reunion with Grandfather Kim, his wife is fighting to make a living selling street food. Without anyway to defend herself as another street vendor's husband threatens to hit her, Mama Kim instinctively shrinks only to look up in surprise when Daddy Jo shows up to protect her...yet again.
Pained to see Mama Kim is such a sad state, Daddy Jo tries to lend her some money but of course Mama Kim refuses to accept it. Perhaps shaken by Daddy Jo's reappearance in her life, Mama Kim admits that things might've been different between them if she wasn't a mother, a grandmother and Daddy Jo wasn't married but since they can't change what they are then there is only one ending for them.
Determined to see Mi Poong ANY way he can, Jang Go convinces cute Yoo Sung (nephew) to throw a tantrum until Mi Poong agrees to take him to the amusement park so he could "accidentally" meet them.
Obviously not fooled by Jang Go's "accidental" meeting, Mi Poong eyes him with mild exasperation as our hero finally admits that he had arranged the whole thing with her nephew just to have a chance to see her.
As drama gods would have it, Grandfather Kim also takes his son to the amusement park and that's how Mi Poong finally sees her father for the first time. Shocked when she spots Daddy Kim walking by on his own, poor Mi Poong could only yell "Father!" loudly while being hopelessly trapped on the kiddie plane ride. Desperate as Daddy Kim's eyes glaze over her without any recognition and walks on, Mi Poong screams at Jang Go to stop her father but by the time our hero turns around Daddy Kim has already disappeared.
Believing that there is no way Mi Poong woud turn down the opportunity to go overseas, Shin Ae is both angry and terrified when Mi Poong explains that they have to stay in Korea to search for Daddy Kim.

Panicking especially after she sees the missing person posters (with the pictures of Mama Kim's ring again) Mi Poong and her mother had posted on the street, Shin Ae decides it's time to do something to make sure Mi Poong would have no choice but to leave the country.

Overjoyed when they get a call from someone claiming to know where Daddy Kim is, Mi Poong and Mama Kim eagerly hand over all the money they could scrimp up to the stranger especially once the man proves himself by listing off various things he could've only fond out from Daddy Kim. The informed stranger was obviously sent by Shin Ae and soon enough our poor heroine is left comforting her distraught mother once it becomes clear that they have been scammed yet again. Unfortunately for Shin Ae, her plan backfires and our heroine becomes even more determined to find her father even with the financial set back.  
The child like Daddy Kim continues to live blissfully in his new home but it doesn't take long before Shin Ae realizes that Daddy Kim is simply a walking time bomb that she can't afford to have around her.
First crisis (for our villains): Furious when she finds out from Mama Lee that her drunken mother had unwittingly let it slip during a drinking session with Grandmother Lee that Shin Ae is fake, Mama Jo charges home and confronts her mother angrily. (Mama Jo convinced Mama Lee that her mother is just talking crazy by lying that Shin Ae and Grandfather Kim was able do a DNA test) Overhearing Mama Jo and her mother's argument, Daddy Kim tries to call Grandfather Kim but was persuaded by Shin Ae that Grandmother Jo has some sort of illness and to keep the whole thing to himself.

Second crisis: A perfect playmate for Yoo Jin, Daddy Kim quickly becomes the little girl's best friend and learns the truth that Shin Ae is actually Yoo Jin's mother. Shocked when Daddy Kim reveals that he has already learned of her true relationship to Yoo Jin, Shin Ae is none too comforted when Daddy Kim promises to keep her secret.

Third crisis: Daddy Kim had a very brief moment of clarity when he was scared by the sound of popcorn popping. Puzzled to hear Daddy Kim calling Shin Ae by another name while he was crouching in fear, a clueless Hee Dong asks Shin Ae about it without realizing it was actually his wife's real name.
Fed up with living in fear of being exposed, Shin Ae decides the best way to get rid of Daddy Kim is to trick him into sneaking out of the house in hopes that Daddy Kim would end up disappearing on his own.

Ninja's Thoughts
Ahh!!! I am so torn! Daddy Kim had suffered so much so it would be really nice if he could eventually be reunite with his family...but...but... I feel bad for Daddy Jo as well. 
One thing seems for certain though, there were plenty of hints in this week's episodes that Mama Jo had gone way too far for any redemption at the end. As much as Grandmother Jo is really not what you could consider a "good" person but she at least have enough decency to plea with her daughter to tell Grandfather Kim the truth. Of course, by this point Mama Jo sees no exit from the web of deceit she had spun with Shin Ae and could only hope that everyone else's misfortune will eventually become her happiness. 
On a much happier note, I continue to be impressed with our hero's determination to stick by Mi Poong's side no matter how many time she tries to push him away. I didn't cover this in my recap but despite his divorce from Mi Poong, Jang Go has not given up on proving her innocence and has been working tirelessly to find out who had framed our heroine. 

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  2. 11 more episodes! I hope things dont unravel in the last one!😢 Also can't wait to see Jang Go's mum regreting her stupid actions. I seriously hate her more than Mama Jo or Shin ae.

  3. Yes, I cannot believe any person can be so obstinate and heartless like Jang Go's mum. Every time I see her hurting Mi Poong and her mother, I feel like slapping and pulling her hair out