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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 1-4 First Impression

Ninja's Pretty Li Hui Zhen Episode 1-4 First Impression
Chinese Drama: Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍)
Total Episodes: 36
Airs: Mondays & Tuesdays
Leads: Peter Sheng & Dilraba
Pretty Li Hui Zhen is a Chinese remake of the K-drama She Was Pretty (2015 with Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon) so for those who have seen the original the story should be a familiar one.

Despite her rather plain appearance, Li Hui Zhen has a natural optimism about life and dreams of one day of getting a full time job. 
Overjoyed when her childhood friend Bai Hao Yu contacts her suddenly, Hui Zhen excitedly goes to the meeting place expecting to see an adult version of her first crush. After hilariously mistaking an overweight man to be Hao Yu, Hui Zhen is dismayed when she sees the real Hao Yu and realizes her once homely pudgy childhood friend has grown into an elegant fine looking man.

Staring at Hao Yu in disbelief as he approaches her beautiful best friend (who was waiting a short distance away to make sure she wasn't scammed by her long lost childhood friend) "You haven't changed at all!" Hui Zhen is appalled as she realizes that just as she had thought Hao Yu would look like his childhood self, Hao Yu had assumed she would still be the beautiful goddess he knew years ago.
Horrified by the thought of how disappointed Hao Yu would be if he ever discovers that his childhood goddess had grown up to be an ugly duckling, Hui Zhen begs her best friend Xiao Qiao to pretend to be her. Relieved when an unsuspecting Hao Yu assumes that Xiao Qiao must be Hui Zhen, our dejected heroine comforts herself that this would be the best way to end her connection to Hao Yu...that is until Hao Yu walks into her new work as her boss.

Ninja's First Impression:
Cute! Having seen She Was Pretty, Pretty Li Hui Zhen's plot was obviously not a surprise but it still managed to hold my attention nonetheless. This feel a bit sacrileges to say but I might possibly like Peter Sheng and Dilraba's pairing more than the original. However, as much as I liked the leads I do have to say that the C-remake wasn't able to surpass the original when it comes to the wacky secondary characters.
But then it would be fairly impossible to surpass Choi Si Won's fun performance in She Was Pretty. Other than Choi Si Won's character though, there were also plenty other secondary characters such as the two leads' department manager (the one that always dropped French words), co-workers and even the young heroine were more intriguing in the original than in the new C-version.
Still...despite the somewhat lackluster secondary casts I think the two cute leads might just be enough to keep me watching!


  1. I agree, I actually like this version and how all the Immortal characters are nice and I find the second lead annoying which is weird because I LOVED SIWON'S CHARACTER. All in all, its a good show and great start for Cdramas in 2017

  2. The first thing that popped into my head while watching this version was, how are they going to extend the original 16 episode story into 36 episodes?

    Then the characters and Dilraba's hair extenstions managed to upstage that thought!

    I find everyone trying to act like their KDrama counterparts, especially the 2nd male lead!

    It just made me nostalgic for the original which I then binged watched...it made the differences even more glaring!!

    I find Dilraba's character more physically and mentally dorky than being unpretty, because lets face it, a few penciled in black spots along her cheeckbones and a mangled wig cannot hide how beautiful the girl is!

    My biggest gripe comes from the actor who is playing her friend. I find her expressions all wrong, which just takes away the whole womance the original was known for!!

    I like the Fashion Director. I also love that the hero here has a friend who he is talking to regarding his confusing feelings. We get to hear his prespective too!

    And I Just Love the jealous Peter Shang!