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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The King of Romance Episode 2-4 Second Impression

Episode 2-4 Overview:
Fighting like cats and dogs ever time they see each other, our two leads would like nothing more than to never each other again...yet the drama gods insist on throwing them together again and again. Frustrated to find out that his newly purchased house is still being occupied by the previous owner, Wang Nuo decides to evict the squatter personally only to be completely stunned when he finds a sleeping Bing Bing instead.

Leaning in to wake Bing Bing, Wang Nuo blinks in surprise when our heroine instead pulls him close for a kiss. Belatedly realizing that Bing Bing is too delirious with fever to wake up (even if she was strong enough to still pull him back for a second kiss...), Wang Nuo resigns himself to the role of a nurse.

Relieved when a recovered Bing Bing (with no recollection whatsoever about the kiss) promptly moves out, Wang Nuo dares to hope once again that Bing Bing is out of his life for good...until he finds out that our heroine has been camping out on his rooftop.
Finding himself unable to leave Bing Bing camping out in the cold especially after she suffers a concussion while trying to save her crush (heroine's cooking teacher/hero's best friend/also hilariously the man the female second lead believes to be her competition), Wang Nuo convinces himself that taking Bing Bing in would be like adopting a stray puppy. 

Ninja's Second Impression:
This one has really turned into a pleasant surprise. While I am a bit disappointed that the writer hasn't done too much with the hero's secret...yet (the fact that he is pretending to be his twin brother), I am plenty happy with the fun light romantic comedy for now. 

Of course it doesn't hurt that the story is currently at my favorite part of any show: The hero falling in love with the heroine without realizing it! To be honest, Lego Lee's hero in this show reminds me a lot of his past characters but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. I am not quite as intrigued by Cindy Lien's heroine but I do find her acting pretty decent so far. 
Generally, with any T-drama I would be a little weary of the plot getting draggy half way though but since this one is only 15 episodes long I think it will have no choice but to move at a pretty quick pace. Anyhow, judging by how entertaining it has been up to this point The King of Romance is definitely a show I am leaving on my watch list. 

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  1. watching it too! liking it as well!

    but I find it a bit draggy, like almost 50 minutes went by and nothing much happened...

    also, probably because I watch with subtitles, I can't connect the conversations that their gaming alter egos are having with their actual situation in real life! Translation issues I guess...

    Sometimes I think the heroz feeling jealous of his friend coz of the heroine...is he?

  2. The funniest part is probably when "everyone" came to Wang Nuo's (Lego's) house at Christmas eve and wanted to lend his washroom where Bing Bing had hid herself and how they resisted to leave. Felt sorry for Wang Nuo who just wanted everyone to leave :p I like the chemistry between Lego and Cindy on- and offscreen. It comes off as very natural. I hope it doesn't take too long before Bing Bing falls for Wang Nuo because so far it seems like only WN has started to like her while she still likes her teacher.