A blog about C-drama, K-drama, and the food in them that makes me hungry!

About Me

I have been watching drama for over 5 years now and really have had no real desire to blog about it.  I think mainly due to the fear that blogging would take away the fun of watching a drama.  However, one day I started to have a desire to write about what I have been watching even if I figure no one would be reading... actually that kinda gave me some courage knowing that there are so many drama blogs out there mine little blog would be probably lost at sea.

Drama blogging, to my great surprise is fun.  It is a whole lot of work.  I tip my hat to every blogger out there and especially the recappers.  Holy molly, that is an intense amount of work I have never in my dreams imagined it would be.  Still, not withstanding the surprising amount of work, I found myself actually enjoying spending time on my wee little blog.  I might even like it more than cooking.  I am a cook by profession, so you might see some food recipes that are inspired by dramas I am watching. (Warning though, I am NOT trained in Asian cooking.  So all the cooking you will see in the blog is pretty much me muddling through).

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please do leave a comment to say hi. To contact me directly please send e-mail to ninjareflectionblog@gmail.com


  1. Welcome to the drama blogging land. 😎😎😎

  2. Just wanted to say hi. Read your Apple in your eye episode 1 recap and commented on it. You did a great job. As for you cooking and sharing recipes, that sounds awesome. I am a Liberian-American girl who fell in love with Asian dramas 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. I've learnt to cook lots of Korean food because frankly these dramas leave you salivating and hungry. Lol. One of my favorites is Kimchi jjigae. I eat that at 4-6 times a month. I'd like to see your take on it! Anyhoo, I plan on checking your blog out from time to time. Good luck! Fighting!

  3. Hi there,
    We have nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  4. Hello there! I just found your blog when I was looking for I Have a Lover recaps. Not too many recaps for weekend dramas. I love the show but didn't quite understand the last bit in ep38 so that's how I found your blog! Thanks for recapping! I love food too and will be checking our your recipes! And keep blogging if it brings you joy! Same for me. Mine doesn't get much traffic at all but I'm doing it for me... for my personal development and happiness. Fighting to all of us "wee" bloggers :)